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10 Signs to Know It’s Time to Replace Your AC

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Is it time to replace your air conditioner in Ashburn? If you’re not familiar with the signs of AC replacement, you could end up wasting your money. The high cost of repairs and low efficiency of an HVAC that’s near the end of its life can significantly impact your finances. Before you find yourself paying more than you should to maintain an old AC, learn when you should replace your system.

1. The Age

An air conditioner only lasts about ten to 15 years, so you should consider the age when you’re thinking about replacing your AC. Although some systems last as long as 20 years, most ACs don’t make it that long. They develop problems that cause them to break down frequently and be inefficient. As a general rule, you should replace your AC when it’s 15 years or older and having problems.

2. You Frequently Call for Repairs

If you’re calling an HVAC technician for repairs once every few months, you should replace your system. Regardless of its age, the AC is having too much trouble to be worth your time and money. There’s nothing normal about needing to call out the HVAC company every three months.

3. The Repair Cost is Too High

Another sign that you should replace your AC is an expensive repair. While some repairs may be cheap, others cost thousands of dollars. In some rare cases, the cost of the repair is equal to the cost of the replacement. Before you decide to repair the system, you should ask for an estimated replacement cost.

4. The AC Doesn’t Cool Evenly

Do some rooms of your home feel colder than others? Your AC might not be working the way it should, and it could be in need of a replacement. If you have uneven temperatures in your home, don’t ignore the discomfort. Call out a professional and ask them if they can diagnose the problem. Then, ask them whether or not you should replace your system.

5. Your Home is Humid

Most people don’t realize that the air conditioner is responsible for pulling humidity from your home. If your home feels too humid, the issue could be a broken, inefficient, or oversized AC. In any case, it could be time to get a new air conditioner. The high humidity is a sign of trouble.

6. The AC Smells Strange

Once you notice strange smells coming from your air conditioner, you should call a professional. If there’s a burning smell, shut off your HVAC system and don’t use it until a technician declares it safe. And if you notice a moldy smell, check the air filters for mold or call for a duct inspection. In some cases, there is no quick fix for the foul odor. You might need to replace your system.

7. You Hear Unusual Sounds

If you hear unusual sounds coming from your air conditioner, you either need a repair or a replacement. Pay attention to your HVAC and call a technician if you hear a banging, squealing, and rattling. Although the noise could be something as simple as a dirty filter, it may be something more major.

8. You Have High Energy Bills

Your energy bills shouldn’t experience a sudden spike. If they do, you could be dealing with a broken or inefficient system. As an AC ages, it loses efficiency and takes a toll on your energy bills. Although a repair might fix any obvious problems with your AC, it may not be enough to make your system more efficient. A replacement could be the only way to lower your energy bills.

9. You Need R-22

If you have an outdated air conditioner, it might use R-22. This type of refrigerant is harmful to the environment, and government restrictions have led to this refrigerant being scarce. Once an old HVAC runs out of refrigerant, you either need to replace the refrigerant with R-22 or buy a new system. Because of the scarcity of R-22, replacing the refrigerant could be too costly.
It might be the perfect opportunity to replace your system. If you buy a new AC, it will use a safer, less costly refrigerant. You can also reap the other benefits of having a brand new AC, like increased comfort and lower energy bills.

10. Your Home is Dusty

Have you noticed more dust accumulating in your home? It’s possible that your air ducts are having trouble. If your couches and furniture are covered in dust, call an HVAC technician and ask about your options.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I Replace My 20 Year Old Air Conditioner?

If you’re considering HVAC replacement, you should know that a 20-year-old system needs to be replaced. Even if it lasts a few more weeks, your system won’t last for long. You should call for AC replacement in Ashburn.

2. How Long Should an AC Unit Last?

The average AC should last between 12 and 15 years, but several factors affect the expected lifespan of your air conditioner. For instance, if you don’t maintain your system, you’re more likely to need early AC repair in Ashburn. You may need to replace your system much sooner than the expected date. However, if you rely on a company for AC repair in Ashburn to maintain your system, it could last closer to 20 years.

3. Can You Replace Just the AC and Not the Furnace?

If you are having issues with your AC, you may be wondering whether or not you should just replace the AC. After all, is there really a need to replace your furnace as well? Depending on your issues, you may not need to replace the furnace. But, if you want to maintain a warranty or you have a certain type of system, you should replace both. A company that performs HVAC repair services can advise you on the best course of action.

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