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10 Tips For Choosing An HVAC Contractor

how to choose an hvac contractor

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’ll need to compare different HVAC companies Ashburn, VA homeowners trust for air conditioning repairs and replacement. Whether you need a professional to perform routine maintenance, make repairs or upgrade your entire HVAC system, working with a reputable HVAC contractor makes all the difference. In this post, our experts provide 10 tips you can follow to help you choose the best air conditioning service Ashburn, VA has to offer.

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Choosing the Best HVAC Company: 10 Tips for Success

Whether you need simple maintenance or major repairs, letting someone into your home begins with trust. That’s why it’s worth taking the time upfront to find the best HVAC experts in your area. These tips will help you investigate your options thoroughly, so you can make an educated decision: 

1. Do Your Research

Familiarize yourself with your state’s licensing and insurance requirements when it comes to home maintenance and repairs before you start your journey with a heating and air company. You can always contact local trade organizations and ask for a list of members that meet these requirements. Don’t forget to scout out popular forums like Angie’s List to see what others have to say about the companies they’ve worked with. 

2. Ask Around

Be sure to check in with local friends, family members and neighbors to see which companies they’ve worked with in the past and what the experience was like. If you hear the same company name several times, take note if the experiences were consistent and positive.

3. Make Notes and Write Down Questions

Before speaking with a local Ashburn HVAC company, note down the make and model of your current unit along with any questions or concerns you have about its performance. This includes anything you’re unhappy with, such as hot and cold air pockets in your home, or some rooms that always seem warmer than you’d like them to be. Entering the conversation with this information organized and on hand will help make your consultation call far more productive.

4. Look for Great Deals

If you’re in the market for a new HVAC system, you’ll want to keep an eye out for special offers or rebates for selecting an energy efficient unit. Products with the ENERGY STAR symbol on them are manufactured to meet a strict set of efficiency guidelines. That means they’re better for the planet and your wallet in the long run. For more information, check out

It’s also a good idea to ask an HVAC company if they offer seasonal deals, such as a spring and fall tune-ups, or to provide information on home service maintenance plans you’ll be eligible for as one of their customers.

5. Contact the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an excellent resource for researching any company and the same goes for finding a good HVAC contractor. You can contact the BBB for a list of accredited HVAC companies and read reviews or concerns from other customers or visit to do your own research. 

6. Don’t Pay Upfront

Be wary of HVAC contractors that require payment upfront before any work is completed. A reliable, trustworthy air conditioner repair company will never do this. Instead, ask for an estimate and be sure to inspect completed work before paying the full amount. A trustworthy company should offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their workmanship. That means the job isn’t done until the homeowner is satisfied with the end result.   

7. Get All Estimates in Writing

If you receive a quote or estimate upon inquiry, ask for an itemized copy in writing. This will come in handy if you need to dispute any unexpected fees or hidden costs. Having this information on hand will also make it easier to compare HVAC companies as you shop around. Homeowners can benefit from making additional notes on customer service, wait times and professionalism to ensure a healthy, productive partnership.   

8. Compare Quotes

It’s always wise to get quotes from multiple sources so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal for the best price—just don’t forget there’s a reason for the old saying, “You get what you pay for.” The lowest price isn’t always the best deal. Comparing multiple quotes should give you a good idea of standard industry pricing.

9. Check References and Testimonials

There’s no substitute for experience. Look for company reviews and testimonials anywhere you can find them. You can even ask your prospective HVAC company for customer references you can speak to and ask about their experience with the contractor. This includes asking questions about the workmanship, whether a contractor cleaned up after themselves and whether the work was completed on time and on budget.  

10.  Work With a Signed Agreement

Before you agree to any work, be sure to ask for a signed, written agreement with the contractor. Ideally, this document should detail parts and labor costs, service fees, model numbers, the agreed-upon timeline and any pertinent warranty information.   

The Best HVAC Company in Ashburn, VA

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