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5 Reasons Why Your HVAC System is Buzzing

furnace buzzing noise

Noises are always concerning when they’re coming from your HVAC system. Usually, noises are a sign that something is wrong within the machinery. Do not ignore strange sounds from your HVAC system: they are your warning signs.

One noise you may hear is a buzzing or humming. Most likely, these noises happen due to equipment shaking or electrical problems. We have gathered the top five reasons your HVAC system is buzzing:

  1. Electrical issues
  2. Loose Components
  3. Damaged Components
  4. Pests
  5. Blockages in ducts or vents

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Why is my HVAC System Buzzing?

1. Electrical Issues

Capacitor breakdown, loose wires, and contactor failure are all common electrical problems for an HVAC unit. These electrical problems often pose potentially very dangerous hazards for homeowners. Never try to solve electric problems without the help of a professional. 

2. Loose Components

The mechanical parts inside the furnace may also have become loose over time.  When a component becomes loose, it rattles against the hardware causing a buzzing sound. It’s possible that you have a loose screw, bolt, or another piece of equipment. 

Before investigating, contact a professional to help you diagnose which parts have become loosened. Turn off your HVAC system before attempting to solve the problem. Take a look to ensure the panels on your units are secure and investigate for loose screws. 

3. Damaged Components

When components become damaged, they can vibrate against the hardware. The damaged component may create friction and wear against the rest of the HVAC system. Damaged components not only hinder the performance of your AC, but they also cause your system to break down faster if ignored. 

4. Pests

If the buzzing seems to be coming from inside your ducts or vents, you may be dealing with a pest infestation. Bees, termites, and wasps are all examples of pests that can tear up the inside of your HVAC system. 

Pest can cause irreparable damages to your HVAC and your home. Call a professional right away to dispose of the pests safely and humanely. 

5. Blockages in the Vents and Ducts

Blockages can cause pressure buildup. Pressure can force many components to shake, wiggle and break.

Several things can cause blockages,  including dust buildup, damage to ductwork, or something interfering with airflow. Dirty air filters are also a common culprit of blockages. 

How Can I Stop Humming Noises?

Our advice is that if your HVAC starts producing strange noises, you should have an HVAC professional come out and examine it. Our professionals are ready to do a complete examination, determine the issue, and suggest the best course of action to fix it.

In case your HVAC is making strange noises, get in touch with Cardinal Plumbing Cooling & Heating. We serve residents in Alexandria, Virginia, and the surrounding regions. We can offer an objective and competent evaluation of the cause of the weird noises coming from your HVAC. At Cardinal, we promise that our replacements and repairs will be enough to stop the noise.

In order to help prevent strange furnace noises and assist with any heating or cooling concerns, we also provide reasonably priced annual maintenance plans.

Request the Best HVAC Repair in Alexandria, VA, with Cardinal.

If you’re hearing a concerning humming noise from your HVAC, it may be time to call an In order to help prevent strange furnace noises and assist with any heating or cooling concerns, we also provide reasonably priced annual maintenance plans. Our technicians are the best HVAC experts near you for any HVAC issues repair and maintenance. We will be able to diagnose any issues that you have with your HVAC and solve the problem promptly. 

Our HVAC technicians are not only incredibly skilled, but they also provide the finest customer service. It’s our priority to take care of your home as you would. Don’t trust amateur contractors with professional work!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Should I worry about weird HVAC noises?

HVAC noises are not something to be brushed off. They can often signify dangerous and expensive problems with your HVAC unit. It may feel easy to ignore noises, but this could often lead to a full breakdown of your HVAC system.

Let one of our expert technicians worry about the noise for you. Call us for the best HVAC repair near you.

2. Can I fix HVAC noises by myself?

Some HVAC noises are easy to solve DIY-style. Before you begin any manual repairs to your system, ensure it’s disconnected from the power for your safety. 

First, change your air filters and ensure the airflow isn’t suffering from blockages. Built-up pressure is a common cause of AC noises. 

Start checking screws, bolts, and other connections to ensure you don’t have loose equipment. 

If anything becomes too dangerous, contact an HVAC contractor to avoid damages to your system and yourself. 

3. What are some other common HVAC Noises?

Humming isn’t the only strange noise you may hear from a struggling HVAC system. Other common HVAC noises include:

  • Rattling
  • Banging
  • Screeching
  • Whistling
  • Clicking.

All of these noises are cause for concern. They represent different issues, but all mean trouble. Our technicians are experts at finding the source of concerning noises, so leave all of the responsibility with us. 

4. Why Should I Choose Expert Service?

When you choose to work with an expert over DIY, or amateur work you can’t be sure that they will repair your system correctly. Our experts have the experience needed to tackle any HVAC issue. They will check your system after everything is done to make sure that it works correctly. 

When you try to fix your system yourself, you may end up buying a lot of equipment. Will the cost of the equipment be worth doing the job at home? 

Professional equipment will fix the issue faster and smarter. 

HVAC systems are filled with all kinds of dangerous equipment. Without the proper training, homeowners are susceptible to harming themselves or the system. Protect your family and your AC by using the safest option: professional service.

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