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7 Causes Why Your Furnace Leaking on The Floor

Furnace Leaking water

Stepping in a big puddle of water on your floor is never a good sign, especially when it’s coming from your furnace. Leaking water is a common problem often occurring with common wear and tear on your furnace. 

If you see water pooling around your furnace, you may need to call an HVAC professional immediately. Standing water can pose the threat of serious water damage and bacteria buildup.

We have compiled seven reasons why your furnace might be leaking and how you will know when it’s a serious problem. 

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1. Condensate Drain Hose

The condensate drain hose slopes down from the PVC exhaust pipe and aids in draining water away from your home. It can become clogged up with all kinds of debris and dirt. 

These hoses aid with draining away condensation; if they are damaged, a leak can occur.

2.  Humidifier leak

Some furnaces have a dehumidifier attached to them. These preattached devices add moisture to the air during the colder months to increase the humidity in your home.

If there’s a leak in your humidifier, it can cause water to start dripping onto your floor.

To solve this issue, check to ensure the humidifier’s components are not loose or damaged. If you find damaged components, we recommend calling a professional to replace them immediately.

3. Condensate Drain Line

The drain line is where water passes through as it exits your home. The drain line may have a loose connection or be damaged, which can cause leaks. 

Suppose your drain line becomes clogged; it will back up all condensations, creating a water leak.

4. Condensate Pump

The condensate pump is the last stop for water exiting your home. It will take all of the buildup condensates and drain them out; however, it can still become clogged. 

A blocked drain or a partially blocked drain can cause the furnace to leak. If water is standing around your furnace, and there are rust stains within the cabinet, it’s because your furnace is not draining properly. If this is the case, you must ask a professional to replace your condensate pump. 

If your pump is over five years old, that may be why it’s not performing optimally anymore. If you have an aged pump, you should consider switching to a newer model to avoid leaks.

5. Clogged Drain Line

There’s also a drain line connected to your AC unit. If it has become clogged, it will cause the drain to disconnect from your drain pan, and water will not be able to pass through. This chain of events will cause water to drip and pool around your AC unit.

6. Drain pan 

Every single AC unit has a primary drain pan underneath the evaporator coil. Some units have two drain pans underneath the unit; these drain pans catch any excess condensation.

If there is any damage to these drain pans, the water will begin to spill and leak out of the unit.

7. Frozen AC Coils

It’s also possible that the leak is not coming from your furnace but from your AC unit. 

The AC unit’s coils can become frozen. When this happens, the AC will not be able to get rid of any built-up moisture, and it will start leaking onto the ground. 

If you notice your AC unit leaking, turn it off immediately to begin melting the ice and wait 24 hours before turning the system back on.

What Should I do Now?

If you notice water leaking out of your furnace, there is no time to waste. Ignored leaking could lead to thousands of dollars in water damage repair costs. 

To avoid dealing with any dangerous and expensive damages, take the following steps: 

  • shut off your HVAC system, 
  • clean up all the standing water 
  • Call an  HVAC professional immediately. 

Standing water can lead to electrical hazards, as well as water damage hazards. Don’t try to solve problems because it could further damage your furnace or yourself.

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Whenever you notice leaking, the best option is to call a technician. When your furnace leaks water, it will only get worse the longer it leaks, so don’t wait. 

If the Furnace has become leaky, fix the problem immediately by calling Cardinal Plumbing Heating and Cooling. 

We have a breadth of knowledge about HVAC systems and plumbing and will be able to fix any leak no matter what system it’s coming from. 

Schedule online here or call our experts today to find out why your furnace is leaking and how we can help.

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