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7 Tips to Minimize the Strains On Your HVAC System During Summer

hvac tips for summer

It feels like you can never win with your thermostat, figuring out how to keep your air at a comfortable and affordable temperature during the summer.  The warmer months bring a surge in energy costs, and the heat can also heighten the risk of HVAC problems and even full breakdowns of your whole system. This blog will provide homeowners with some tips you can try to help avoid these costly outcomes. 

The hot summer months can make your air conditioning system work overtime as it maintains a comfortable indoor temperature. Overuse of an HVAC system this time of year is not remotely uncommon. We receive most calls for HVAC service completely failed HVAC systems with homeowners that also have higher energy bills. 

You can avoid excessive wear and tear on your air conditioning system by being proactive.

Here are seven strategies you can easily manage to ensure your HVAC unit works to its fullest potential.

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1. Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the number one way to avoid strain on your HVAC system this summer. When you prevent catastrophes by routinely checking up on your system, you can save hundreds in utility bills and repair costs. 

Maintenance keeps your system running at its most efficient, so the system won’t be working as hard to cool your home. 

For more information on maintenance, and plans, click here.

2. Find Other Ways to Cool Down Than The AC

There are many ways to bring cool air into your home without touching your thermostat. Try wearing fewer layers, using ice packs or wet towels and opening your windows. 

Opening your window can add more moving air to your room. Don’t open your window too much, because the hot air will enter your home and make it warmer than it already is. A slightly cracked window will create a greater draft. 

3. Plant bushes

Planting bushes may sound absurd initially, but planning vegetation in front of your windows can greatly cool your home. These bushes will block out the sun and any UV waves coming into your home; talk to a landscaper or an HVAC technician to see if vegetation would help with the strain on your HVAC system during the summer.

4. Regularly Clean Air Filter

Dirty air filters cause many common HVAC issues. Ideally, you should clean or change your air filters every 1 to 3 months. 

Whenever your HVAC system Hass to push air through build-up on your air filters, it works twice as hard to freeze is your energy bills and wears down on your system. Save your wallet and your peace of mind by changing your air filters. Creating this habit will improve your home’s HVAC system’s performance and air quality.

5. Turn Off the System When You’re Away

If you’re going away from home for a few hours at work or going out of town, consider turning off your HVAC system. The AC unit uses a lot of energy to cool at home, and it may be silly to rack up all of that extra energy bills when no one benefits from the cool air. 

If you’re going to be away for a while on a trip, consider turning your HVAC system up a few notches to avoid access humidity buildup in your home but still save on utility bills. 

Consider turning up the temperature at night while you’re asleep to save a few dollars.

6. Turn the Temperature Up

Turning your thermostat up by even 1 or 2° can make a difference in your energy bills. You can save up to 10% on energy bills by turning your thermostat up a little more.

We recommend temperatures in the high 70s. Experiment with your fans, windows and thermostat to find your perfect and inexpensive temperature.

7. Upgrade Your AC

Older AC units experience more strain during the warmer months because they have to work harder to cool your home. Newer models will work more efficiently, saving you money; in the long run.

Replacing your HVAC system may seem like a huge expense, but overall it will be an investment in your wallet. Newer AC units can also improve your air quality, lower your carbon footprint, and lower the costs of future repairs and maintenance.

If you’re considering replacing your HVAC system, Cardinal will be with you every step. Our experts can recommend the best systems for your house, and we provide the best HVAC system replacement and installation services in Ashburn.

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When deciding to replace your AC, consult the advice and expertise of a trained Cardinal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling professional. Our technicians have years of experience servicing air conditioning units in Ashburn. 

We can help you make a sound decision about any HVAC replacements and repairs based on your individual needs. Our installation professionals are courteous and efficient. 

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