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8 Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Bills This Summer

Reduce Your Electricity Bills

You may notice a spike in your energy bills during the summer, and that’s because the hot summer months are when you are using your HVAC system the most frequently.

It’s common for homeowners to jump to the coolest temperatures on their thermostats almost immediately as it warms up: but if you were sitting in your house with a blanket during summer, you maybe should consider turning up your AC system. 

Here are a few tips on saving money on your electricity bills this summer.

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What Are the Best Ways to Reduce Energy Bills in the Summer?

On this list, there are a lot of simple tasks that will take an hour or less. These tasks will exponentially increase your savings during the summer. 

Beat the heat, stay comfortable and get savings you can be proud of by following these tips:

1. Check out your windows.

A lot of heat enters your house during the summer through your windows. Now may be a good time to look so that there aren’t any leaks or damaged window components letting hot air from outside enter your home. 

You can save tons of electricity bills by keeping the heat outside instead of in your home.

2. Block out the heat

Beyond your windows, there are many more ways to block outdoor heat. For example, planting some bushes in front of your windows can reduce the heat in your home by blocking the sun.

You can also consider light-reflecting window covers and other insulation tactics.

3. Monitor thermostat usage

Do you feel like you constantly are going back and forth from the thermostat to find your perfect temperature? Sometimes, you may even turn your thermostat based on what time it is in the day if it gets cooler at night; however, frequently adjusting your thermostat can be a waste of electricity in your home. 

Try to find a constant temperature and adjust using fans, windows, and other cooling tactics. Your HVAC system will work less to keep your home cool from the consistent temperature?

4. Decrease AC usage

Decreasing overall AC aegis usage is the best way to save money on electricity bills. Consider turning off your HVAC system when you’re away from home, and try experimenting with windows and fans to create air movement in air movement can decrease the temperature by 10° without ever touching the thermostat.

5. Unplug

Many dormant plugs in the wall use electricity even if you aren’t using the device. Consider unplugging your TVs, computer lights, and other dormant items while you’re away or at work.

These little usages of energy can build up and increase energy bills more than you may think.

6. Use fans

Using your ceiling fans to move the air around your home can cool the air by up to ten degrees. Turn on the fans and lower the AC. You can experiment with temperature and fans to find your sweet spot temperature. 

7. Avoid Using Electricity During Peak Hours.

Many electricity companies have “peak hours” representing the times of day when AC and other electricity usage are most frequent. These include stoves, fans, HVAC units, and other things that require electricity. 

Consider cooking, bathing, and using your air conditioner after 6 PM daily to save money on electricity bills. 

Some electricity companies also have programs that set your temperature to avoid peak hours every day in exchange for electricity and bill credits. Contact your electricity provider to see what programs they offer.

8. Consider Modern Technology

Newer models of units such as air conditioning compressors, evaporators, and thermostats have new methods of consuming less energy. For example, smart thermostats can automatically turn down or off your air conditioner when you’re not using it, or you can turn off your air conditioner while you’re away from home through your phone. 

Older air conditioner models also consume more energy to maintain the temperature in a home. Replacing your AC unit may seem like a huge expense, but it will save you hundreds of monthly energy bills and can be an investment in your comfort.

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