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Black Friday is One of the Biggest Drain Cleaning Days of the Year

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How to Prevent a Garbage Disposal Disaster on Thanksgiving

If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving Day celebration, you’ve probably got a lot on your plate (literally). Figuring out who will sleep where is just the beginning. Cooking a memorable feast is far more challenging. Cleaning is a nightmare no one even wants to think about. Your garbage disposal will no doubt take a beating in the process. Here are a few tips that will keep your Sterling disposal unit from dying during the ordeal.

Prep the Hardware Beforehand

A week or so before the big day, make sure that your disposal can handle the load. Throw some ice cubes down there to knock away built-up gunk and sharpen the blades. Fire up the unit for a minute with just water running into it for good measure. To avoid nasty smells, put some citrus rinds through it.

Don’t Overheat the System

Most people tend to forget that a garbage disposal is a high-RPM machine that generates a lot of heat. As such, running hot water through it isn’t the best idea. When you’re getting rid of refuse, be sure that only cold water is going along for the ride to avoid bearing or electrical failures.

Feed the Beast Carefully

Obviously, bones and especially hard cartilage don’t mix well with most garbage disposal units. If you value your disposal, give the bones to the dogs if they can handle it or just trash them. In addition, avoid shoving tons of fat down the drain. That junk will eventually gunk up the works. Put it in the compost heap instead.

Time Your Shredding Properly

Turning the disposal on and off regularly like a traffic signal every thirty seconds is a recipe forbearing and motor failure. Save up your rubbish so that you can get rid of it in reasonable chunks. That way, your unit won’t overheat or get clogged due to excessive and prolonged usage.

Have an Emergency Plan Ready

Regardless of how careful you are, garbage disposal will clog sooner or later. Keeping unclogging tools handy is just common sense. A regular wire coat hanger or needle-nose pliers can dislodge pretty much anything. Liquid drain cleaner can work wonders in minutes. A flashlight will help you to diagnose problems.

Knowledge Equals Power

Knowing the limitations of your garbage disposal is the key to avoiding Sterling service repair issues during Thanksgiving Day. High-volume holidays will always tax the capabilities of any sink-mounted disposal. A little vigilance and garbage disposal preventative care goes a long way towards ensuring that your disposal doesn’t leave you high and dry.

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