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Common HVAC Installation Mistakes to Avoid for Homeowners

bad ac installation mistakes

Installing a new HVAC system is a big event. Not only does it happen to be one of the most significant home systems that keep things comfortable, but you’ll be living with the decision for quite a while. Additionally, it’s not cheap. So what should you be on the lookout for when installing your next HVAC system? We’ve got all the information you need; read on.

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What Should You Avoid When Dealing with an HVAC Installation?

Look, we know it can be an intimidating task to deal with a new HVAC installation. Between negotiating with suppliers and installers to finding the right equipment for your home, it’s easy to get bogged down with all these tasks. HVAC installations can run upward of $10,000 for a full replacement — that’s not a small amount of money by any means.

While a new HVAC installation can cost a good bit, it can save you money too. To help you on your journey and maybe help you get rid of some of that stress, we’ve got the most common things you should avoid when dealing with an installation.

Getting the Wrong Sized Unit

Bigger is always better, right? Well, in the case of HVAC units, it isn’t. The last thing you want is an improperly sized system for your home. Not only will it run less efficiently, but it can cause some serious issues down the road. Having a licensed HVAC technician come and do a thorough estimate of your space is key to proper sizing.

It’s not just the size of your home either; It’s also about the equipment you choose. To make sure your system is functioning properly, you’ll also need to consider the seasonal energy efficient ratio (SEER) number. But don’t worry, your HVAC installer will know all about it.

Using the Wrong Air Filter

Much like unit size, you’ll often need a specific size air filter. It’s easy to get an air filter that’s too restrictive. Third-party manufacturers will try to sell you the newest and safest filters that are too aggressive for your system.

The fact is that the wrong air filter can do damage to your system. Air filters exist to keep dirt and grime out of your blower. If you’re looking to use your filter as a whole house filtration system, you’ll need to let your installer know. If you don’t and use a restrictive filter, it could cause damage to your main unit.

Using Cheap HVAC Installers

When it comes to making the right choice on an HVAC installer, cheaper is not always better. Look, we know that this can be a pretty hefty cost to shoulder. But going for the low-ball offer can cost you when serious repairs from shoddy installation crop up. For a high-quality installation, you really need to work with a team that knows what they are doing and have the track record to prove it.

Before you make any decisions, ask around. It might be that a friend or family member can offer a referral to a professional service. You can even go online and look at reviews. At the end of the day, hiring an air conditioning repair service shouldn’t be a headache. Get some quotes for work and make a decision based on all the information. A quick tip: go for the middle-of-the-road quote on price. Often, these are the companies that are trying to provide both cost-effective and quality service.

Improper Thermostat Placement

Your thermostat may seem like a simple device, and for old-school setups, it is. But what often gets overlooked is thermostat placement. You see, the thermostat is the control center for your entire system. It not only gives the commands, but it also references the temperature of the room.

That’s why you need to make sure your thermostat is in the right spot in your home. If you put it in a place where it gets sun all day, then the reading will be off as the location is hotter than the rest of the house. Leaving it somewhere where it’s abnormally cold can have the opposite effect. A qualified HVAC technician, like one from Cardinal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, can help you find the optimum spot to keep your home as comfortable as possible.

Ignoring Vents and Registers

Your HVAC system is more than the outside unit. It’s also the network of ducts, vents and registers that channel air in and out of your home. Efficient systems need to breathe, and these areas are the pathways to the system’s lungs.

Things like improperly sized vents, closed-off ductwork and constricted airflow can cause your system to run inefficiently. This will not only cost you money but can be the reason for repairs in a few years. Your HVAC technician should be more than qualified to assist in proper vent placement and ductwork installation.

Not Having Proper Unit Clearance

If the vents and ducts are your airways, your main unit is the lungs. Just like the ducts, if you don’t have the proper clearance, you can expect some issues with your system sometime in the future. Generally, you want to make sure your outside unit has plenty of space to breathe. This means several feet of clearance between the system and any walls, obstructions or vegetation.

It might look pretty to keep your outside unit hidden behind some bushes, but if they are too close, it could mean inefficient operation. Never sacrifice the safety of your system to some outdoor design aesthetics.

Quality Services for HVAC in Alexandria, VA

New HVAC installation shouldn’t stress you out. Sure, you’ve got a lot to manage, but getting the right help can do wonders. If you’re searching for quality HVAC installation in Alexandria, VA, make sure to give the team at Cardinal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling a call. Our expert team is more than happy to walk you through every aspect of installation to give the best quality system for your home. Reach out online to schedule an appointment today.

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