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Have You Thought About the Health of Your Water Heater Lately?

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Why is it important to have your water heater checked?

Since another cold Sterling winter is quickly approaching, it is very important
to get your home ready,especially your water heater. Not only is it vital to have your home look good, but it is also important
to make sure to keep the various structural, mechanical and electrical
components working properly as well.

In order to avoid costly mechanical breakdowns, maintenance is highly recommended.

1). Checking your heating system-

Since your furnace hasn’t been used since the previous winter season,
it is required that you have the system looked at by a professional first
before turning it back on. During this process, all of the burners are
usually checked for efficiency, filters are quickly changed and the internal
components are checked to see if they are functioning correctly.

2). Take care and service your hot water heater-

Fall is a good time to maintain your water heater since it works really
hard during the cold winter months. Whether your heater is either gas
or electric, dirt usually builds up at the bottom of the tank and it is
highly recommended that you do a complete drain and flush of your water
heater at least twice a year. By doing so, the heater will last for a
long time for you.

3). Always check the pressure valve on your water heater.

Generally both gas as well as electric heaters have something called a
pressure valve. The purpose of the valve is to open and release pressure
just in case the your heater becomes over pressurized. To avoid unnecessary water heater problems, valves should be checked every six months or so.

4). If you have a tank less water heater, you should keep it maintained
frequently as well.

These are great to have because they are easy to take care of and maintain.
Furthermore, you don’t have to keep a large amount of water because
the water itself is passed through the piping quite easily. As a result,
heat loss is not really an issue and these beauties work more efficiently
and therefore save more energy.

In regards to maintenance, it is required that a tank less water heater
gets cleaned every six months up to two years.

Also, check out the guide to understand what a tankless water heater is, how it works, and what the pros and cons are.

If you haven’t had your Sterling, VA heating system checked out, call
Cardinal Plumbing, Heating & Air Inc. at 703-721-8888!

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