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How to Save Money On Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

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Anyone living in an area that gets excruciatingly hot during the summer dreads the energy bills that come with keeping the AC on all day. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that you can reduce energy costs during the summer. 

Some are simple changes to your routine, such as covering your windows, and others may require a bit more expertise, such as installing a new thermostat. Even small changes can make a big difference in your energy bill. 

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Continue reading for nine ways to save money on air conditioning costs this summer. 

1. Cover Your Windows

If you like to keep your blinds and curtains open during the day, you probably notice the sunlight can quickly heat up rooms in your home. While we all enjoy natural light, the sun can heat up a room very fast, especially if it’s coming in at the right angle.

Don’t forget that the harder your air conditioner works, the higher your energy bills get. Covering up the windows with your blinds and curtains during the hottest times of the day makes it easier for your air conditioner to keep temps low.

2. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are one of the best ways to ensure that your air conditioner is not overworked. These kinds of thermostats are best for people who work away from home. They allow you to pre-set temperature changes throughout the day. 

For example, if you work between 9 and 5, you may set your thermostat higher while you’re gone during the day. Then, during the time that you are home, you can set it to be cooler. This allows you to save money without experiencing any discomfort. These thermostats also have the ability to set different schedules for the weekend, letting you keep it cooler when you’re home all day on Saturdays and Sundays. 

3. Turn Your Fans On

Turning your fan on is an easy way to cool down. Have you ever noticed that when you’re outside on a hot summer day and a breeze begins to blow, you feel cooler? Moving air helps to evaporate the sweat from your body, which in turn cools your body. Ceiling fans work in the same way. They circulate the air and help your body cool off the way it was designed to. 

4. Schedule AC Maintenance

Your air conditioner has to work extremely hard during the summer. Depending on where you live, your unit may have to work for over 10-12 hours straight. All of this activity is enough to begin deteriorating your unit. To avoid unnecessary HVAC repairs, you should be sure to schedule maintenance. 

Spring is the best season to schedule maintenance. Getting everything tightened up and cleaned out prepares your unit for heavy lifting during the hottest summer months. If you forget to get it done before the summer, don’t worry: it’s never too late. With a properly working air conditioner you get high efficiency, a longer lifespan and lower energy costs. Give a technician a call to schedule AC maintenance

5. Utilize Your Grill

Think about sources of heat inside your home, other than a furnace. The stove and oven are probably among the first you thought of. It may be a good idea to cook outside as much as you can during the summer to avoid heat buildup in your home. Summer is barbecue season – might as well fire up the grill and put it to work. This will keep your home cool and your tastebuds happy. 

6. Use Zone Cooling

Thermostat zones allow you to set different temperatures for different parts of the house. For example, if you have a guest bedroom and bathroom that you don’t regularly use, you can set these rooms at a higher temperature. There are all kinds of ways that you can use thermostat zones to reduce your energy use without sacrificing comfort. Talk to an HVAC technician about installation options. 

7. Seal Ductwork Leaks

Ductwork leaks are a common cause of inefficient cooling. Consider a straw: if your straw has a hole, you can’t drink as much liquid out of it because some of it is leaking out through the hole. Your ductwork operates in the same way. A leaking duct won’t push as much air out into your home. 

This may result in you feeling uncomfortable due to an inefficient AC. If you feel like your vents aren’t pushing enough air out, call a technician for air duct sealing and repair

8. Inspect Insulation

Insulation plays an important role in the cooling function of your home. Similar to how it keeps the warmth in your home during the winter, it also keeps cool air in your home during the summer. If you are unsure how your insulation is holding up, give an HVAC specialist a call. They can inspect the ductwork, check the insulation and provide any necessary recommendations. 

9. Head to the Basement

Spending time in your basement is a great way to keep cool. If you need an excuse to turn your basement into the ultimate relaxation area – this is it. Hot air rises and cool air sinks, which is why your basement is always cool. Whenever you feel the need to turn the thermostat down, spend some time in the basement instead and you’ll begin to feel better. If you don’t have a basement but you do have more than one story, stay on the ground floor during the day to keep cool.

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