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HVAC Tune-Up Checklist: Everything You Need to Know

HVAC Tune-Up Checklist

What is an HVAC Tune-up, and do I need it? All HVAC systems can benefit from annual or preventative maintenance. There is always time for scheduling an HVAC Tune-up considering the strain your HVAC system will endure as the summer months roll in.

Here at Cardinal Plumbing Heating and Air, we offer maintenance plans to ensure that your HVAC system is in its best condition to keep you and your family comfortable during the summer. 

Read on to learn what exactly an HVAC tune-up is, what happens during one, and all of the most important tasks for HVAC tune-up service.

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What is an Annual Maintenance Plan?

An annual routine or preventative maintenance service is when a professional comes to your property and inspects all of the components of your HVAC system.

Experts will usually do tune-ups in the spring or fall before extreme temperatures hit because, during the summer and winter months, the strain on your HVAC system rises exponentially. 

Older systems may need service bi-annually to keep them running efficiently. If you feel your system is increasing your energy bills exponentially, it may be time to consider a replacement.

Every technician is different; however, it’s important to ensure that your expert checks the most important components of your system like the indoor and outdoor units, the ducts, vents, filters, and more.

Why You Should Request Annual Maintenence

1. Lower Utility Bills

AC tune-up services can lower your utility bills by catching expensive damages before they become a replaceable and keeping your system running at its most efficient an old or unmaintained HVAC system can run up electricity bills by consuming more energy than a newer model or a maintained model wood when you partner with professionals like the ones at Cardinal you can choose an annual maintenance plan that fits your budget and your specific HVAC needs

2. Avoid Costly Repairs

Furnace and ac tune-ups are necessary to keep the system from wearing down over time where the tear is natural in your HVAC systems; however small fixes such as loose components or a tiny leak coming soon become a huge problem you don’t want to have to deal with with a costly repair when you least expect it HVAC maintenance services can catch these small damages before they become big problems.

3. Prevent Emergencies

An HVAC emergency is the last thing you want to happen during a hot summer night. If your system shuts off or you begin to have dangerous electrical problems, you n prevent these emergencies by maintaining your HVAC system annually. These HVAC repair services Will pay in dollars and peace of mind.

4. Elongate the System’s Lifespan

HVAC Installation services actually can increase the lifespan of your HVAC system by years requesting HVAC maintenance is not only an investment in your wallet it’s also an investment into the year is that you’ll be able to keep your HVAC system and all components of an HVAC system will eventually wear down this is true but maintain systems are 100% going to last longer

5. Raise Air Quality

Keeping the air quality in your home healthy is of the utmost importance. All kinds of airborne particles and contaminants can get caught in your air filters. Did you ever consider that all the dust and dirt over your air filters is why you’re breathing in and out daily? When you keep maintenance part of your yearly routine, it will be fresh in the air in your home and lower coughing, sneezing, and exposure to all kinds of bacteria.

6. Taking Care of your Home and Family

Keeping your family comfortable keeps the temperature maintained within your home during the summer. When you lose air-conditioning, it is not only unfortunate, but it can also be dangerous to take care of your HVAC system the way it takes care of your family and calls for annual routine maintenance today.

HVAC Tune-Up Checklist

When your technician arrives, he will first discuss pricing and scheduling to ensure plenty of time to maintain your HVAC system thoroughly. He will then begin to inspect your home. 

If your technician finds any serious damages or needed replacements, he will discuss this with you before preceding.

A proper tune-up will include all of the following tasks. You can complete some of these before your technician even arrives.

  • Replace all filters every 1-3 months.

  • Test your system

  • Listen for any strange noises

  • Clean evaporator coils and condensers.

  • Clear clogs and clean drain lines.

  • Remove standing water from drain pans.

  • Replace worn or damaged components.

  • Inspect ducts for clogs and leaks.

  • Check refrigerant levels for leaks and restore them to proper levels.

  • Check thermostat controls.

  • Change thermostat batteries.

  • Check electrical system connections and components.

  • Ensure the fan motor is operating correctly

  • Inspect blowers and blades 

  • Lubricate and check moving parts.

  • Check the HVAC cabinet for leaks.

  • Secure HVAC cabinet door

  • Clear debris from outdoor units

Need the Best AC Maintenance and Repair in Sterling, VA?

Suppose you’ve been searching for an HVAC tune-up near me. At Cardinal Plumbing Heating and Air, we take care of your system like it takes care of you. We offer technicians the most expertise and flexibility. Give us a call today or fill out our online service form here.

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