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Keep a Slab Leak From Ruining Your Home

Slab Leak Repair

3 Ways to Prevent a Slab Leak

Slab leaks are a nuisance that must be addressed as soon as it is discovered. They will rack a high bill for homeowners if they are left untreated for too long. They’re usually hidden within the foundation and can be hard to detect to the inexperienced eye.

Because of their hidden nature, slab leaks might go undetected for weeks at a time, causing damage to the property and causing water utilities to increase rapidly. Naturally, you won’t want this to happen to your home; you can take a few proactive steps to ensure you do not get or have slab leaks within your house.

1. Maintain Good Water Pressure

Your pipes have a certain water pressure threshold that you should stick with. Many people enjoy high water pressure as it can make the shower more relaxing and makes dishwashing easier. If your pipes are narrow, then this will lead to quicker corrosion as the coating gets stripped away.

2. Have a Plumber Test pH Levels

It is possible that your water’s pH level isn’t appropriate for the pipes. To put it simply, the water could be too soft or too hard, both of which can lead to corrosion inside of your pipes, leading to water leaks throughout the home. A local plumber can help you by performing a diagnosis on your water mineral content.

3. Call for a Professional Inspection

By having a professional plumber examine a year’s worth of your water bills, they will be able to ascertain whether your water usage makes sense for how much you’ve paid that year. A licensed plumber can monitor the sewage and water lines, testing the flow of both as well as the pressure of the plumbing system to help prevent slab leaks.

Bottom Line

When it comes to home maintenance, slab leak prevention is something that should have top priority on your list. If you already have the damage, however, then your first priority should be to call someone to repair the damage. A professional plumbing contractor has the experience and knowledge necessary to safely and properly fix your plumbing system.

For example, it is vital that pipes are clean and straight, or else you will simply have a new leak that will need fixing again. The plumber can also tell whether the foundation is stable and strong. If the foundation is shifting, the PVC can become damaged and cracked, creating opportunities for leaks. Call your local plumbing professionals for more information on slab leak prevention and repair.

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