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Plumbing Maintenance – Why Is It So Important?

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Plumbing maintenance is an issue that Alexandria, Virginia, homeowners won’t overlook when they are determined to save time and money while avoiding stress in matters of home upkeep. The break-fix approach to plumbing is a bad idea on many levels. Regular plumbing inspections save money as compared to expenses associated with ongoing plumbing problems and, ultimately, emergency plumbing repairs. Health is one of the issues affected by plumbing.  Let’s find out below about the importance of routinely hiring a plumber in Alexandria.

Reactive vs Proactive Plumbing Services 

The service charges on reactive plumbing maintenance can truly be cringe-worthy. There’s a distinct difference in cost between a scheduled visit for plumbing services in Alexandria and the need for immediate assistance with a plumbing disaster. The cost of a plumbing emergency is only part of the story about how neglecting maintenance can drain your finances.

For example, have you discovered or do you suspect that a toilet in your home has a slow leak? If so, it’s important to fix it or schedule plumbing repair as soon as possible. Even seemingly small leaks mean that up to 22 gallons of water are being wasted daily. Your water bill will rise and the leak could cause structural damage as the water seeps into your floors. Your bathroom floor could be unsafe, causing slips and falls. Undetected mold growth could occur in your floor or walls, creating health concerns.

You may not even realize that you have a major toilet leak! Ignoring plumbing problems and plumbing maintenance until there is an unavoidable disaster is a costly practice affecting your wallet, your home, and the health of your family.

Now vs Later Approach to Calling a Plumber in Alexandria

It’s natural that various things in a house fall into disrepair. Making a distinction between a plumbing issue and, for instance, a cabinet that has come off of a hinge is really important. The cabinet may be an annoyance and could increase the chances of injury but a plumbing issue can have multiple consequences when ignored. Every leaky or rattling pipe or faucet causes your water bill to spike and potentially creates serious problems requiring extensive repairs. The lifespan of pipes is negatively affected by ongoing leaks.

Another way to put it is that plumbing maintenance means a bandage can be used to fix a problem that, if neglected, would quickly lead to the need for an amputation. It would make so much sense if the old saying “never put off until tomorrow what you can do today” was written about plumbing maintenance!

How Plumbing is the Air You Breathe

It is often a surprise for homeowners to learn that the condition of their pipes and plumbing system can affect air quality in the home. Water leaks occur as a result of things like water pressure issues, valve problems, and cracked pipes. Unattended water leaks create a lively breeding ground for undesirables such as bacteria, mold, and mildew. Disgustingly, cockroaches and other insects are attracted to water. A leaky sink trap can quickly become a pest paradise. Cockroaches are also associated with health issues and breathing. Their presence in a home is known to worsen asthma and allergies in children.

How Plumbing Affects Home Water Quality 

Plumbing maintenance helps to keep your pipes clean, which extends the life of your plumbing system and improves water quality. The water you brush your teeth with, bathe in, and wash clothes in is also affected by your plumbing.

When your water contains a high concentration of calcium, magnesium, and other dissolved minerals, it can negatively affect your pipes. This type of water is known as “hard water” and it can cause a breakdown of heating elements. Over time and with extended use of hard water, the pipes can develop mineral deposits. Clogs, corrosion, and leaks can occur without warning, as a result.

During plumbing maintenance, your trusted plumber Alexandria can identify the condition of your water. It may be recommended that you install a water softening system as a way of preventing corrosive minerals from causing clogging and deterioration of your pipes–the types of problems that cause expensive plumbing emergencies.

How Water Pressure Affects Home Plumbing

High water pressure is a good thing to an extent. When water pressure is too high it puts plumbing at much greater risk for problems such as leaks. Pipes are put under great strain every time they are used if the water pressure is excessive. Burst washing machine pipes are the reason for many calls requesting help for plumbing emergencies. It can be difficult to determine whether the water pressure is fine or too high, though frequent plumbing fixture leaks can provide a clue. Plumbing services should be sought without delay to address high water pressure and avoid a worse disaster.

Catastrophe and the Ordeal of New Plumbing Installation

This is what a plumbing disaster can look like: a flooded basement, backed-up sewage, a water heater malfunction, overflowing toilets, and a water shortage. Such disasters are caused by clogs or blockage in water pipes, corrosion of water pipes, and broken water mains. One of the more difficult plumbing disasters to identify is a slab leak. One sign of a slab leak is that you hear water running but can’t find the source.

There eventually comes a time when pipes in a home finally wear out and need to be replaced. Just the thought can give homeowners nightmares! It can be a major ordeal and expense to replace the pipes in a home. You can sleep more soundly if you schedule routine plumbing maintenance because one of the best benefits is that the ongoing services of a good plumber will extend the life of your plumbing system.

The Best Plumbing Services in Alexandria, VA

Cardinal Plumbing Heating & Air Inc. is the best place to call for a plumber in Alexandria. Our team of plumbing experts has an unwavering commitment to maintaining high industry standards and flawless customer service. Certified Master Plumbers lead each of our teams, and we never hire subcontractors. We’re so sure of the excellence of our plumbing maintenance, repair, and replacement services in Alexandria, Virginia, that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Take advantage of the benefits of plumbing maintenance. Call us today!

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