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The Time Has Come For You to Remodel Your Bathroom

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10 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

Are you starting to notice the blemishes and imperfections in and around your bathroom? They may have been present for quite some time, but you couldn’t force yourself to ignore them any longer. Bathroom renovations are tough to start because you need this room for your daily hygienic routine. It is also where you go to relax after a long hard day, so it is tough to tie this room up for any length of time.

These are very valid reasons to put off a renovation, but let’s examine the benefits for a moment.

Would you rather relax in an unsightly outdated bathroom, or would you rather enjoy a modernized washroom with attractive trimmings? The answer is obvious, but sometimes you need more than one motivating factor to help you decide. A new sink install sounds great, but are there any other advantages attached to this makeover? Absolutely, but you may not be able to appreciate these benefits until your renovation is complete.Your finished washroom will appeal to your desire for style and day-to-day needs. You may also receive a few financial perks from this long overdue renovation.Below are 10 reasons to start your modernization project. Perhaps you may come across something that will motivate you to take the first step.

1 – You Can Remodel to Improve Efficiency

How do you save energy in a space that uses a ton of resources? You do this by swapping out your old fittings for environmentally friendly models. Start by swapping out your filament bulbs for long-lasting LED lights. Then you can replace your existing faucets for eco-friendly models. This reduction in energy will reduce your monthly expenses by controlling the output and preventing waste.

2 – Replace or Upgrade Bathroom Safety Outlets

According to the National Electric Code, every bathroom receptacle should have GFCI capabilities. These receptacles will shut off the electricity if it tries to find a ground outside of the wiring. You need to install these outlets around sinks and showers because water conducts electricity. Normal outlets do not contain safety mechanisms and monitoring devices for injury prevention.

3 – You Can Seal All Cracks and Small Openings

These are the annoying imperfections that you may ignore for months, and even years. Over time, the cracks get longer and the openings around pipes and outlets become wider. You keep telling yourself to fix the problem, but the opportunity never arises. Maybe deep down you would rather have a full renovation instead of a quick patch up.

4 – You Can Rearrange Fixtures to Create More Space

In some Sterling homes, you will find spacious bathrooms that feel confined because the builders made poor design choices. If you live in one of these homes, this can be a frustrating experience, especially if you are truly attached to your dwelling.

You may know how to create more space in your mind, but you may not have the knowledge or tools to make the changes. It may be time for you to consult a bathroom remodeling expert to make the necessary adjustments.

5 – You Can Finally Replace the Bathroom Fan Motor

If your bathroom fan failed, or if it is making an annoying noise, you can finally solve the problem when you start your modernization. This is not a major maintenance issue, but it is easy to ignore a broken bathroom fan, especially if you have windows. Bathroom fans come in handy, and it’s nice to keep them running if you already have one installed. The new makeover will encourage you to upgrade or change your current inoperative fan.

6 – Replace Bathroom Accessories and Holders

In most bathrooms, you will find the white ceramic soap dish and toothbrush holders. These accessories may look clean, but they will not give your bathroom the style that will make you feel unique. Believe it or not, you can find elaborate soap holders, toothbrush holders, and toiletry racks in the marketplace. Some molds are made from metals like chrome and brass, and you can find them in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors.

7 – Replacing Doors, Door Knobs, and Hinges

You can finally replace those noisy hinges on your bathroom entrance door. You can also replace the loose knob with the lock that may or may not
work. Low end knobs are pretty inexpensive, so you can get a very nice privacy knob if you’re willing to spend $30 or so. You can also replace the entire door with a privacy model fitted with tempered frosted glass.

8 – Coordinate Your Shower Rods With Towel Rings and Towel Bars

Bathrooms with matching shower rods and towel bars have an organized and elegant appearance. The uniformity makes the bathroom look as if it was specifically designed for a home improvement journal.

Try gold and polished brass if you want to achieve a modish royal look. Use brushed nickel or earth-tone colors if you want to keep a simple classy appearance.

9 – Purchase Energy Efficient Privacy Windows

During your renovation, you will have the chance to make major and minor aesthetic changes. Window replacement jobs can be pretty major, but a quality window offers adequate insulation once installed. For the greatest efficiency, go with the dual-paned frosted glass with a low-maintenance composite casement.

10 – Install a Whirlpool Tub

Why settle for a plain bathtub when you can have a bathtub with water jets? Whirlpool tubs will allow you to maximize your relaxation time during peaceful quiet moments. Avoid spa and sauna fees by installing this comfortable and convenient aqua back massager. This can be your special gift for finally making the decision to renovate your bathroom.

If you want your renovation to exceed your expectations, seek help from a knowledgeable bathroom remodeling expert in the Sterling area. They will walk you through the job from start to finish so you can get the results you desire.

For quality services and assistance with your bathroom remodel in Sterling, VA call Cardinal Plumbing, Heating & Air Inc. at 703-721-8888.

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