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Three Ways to Prepare for Furnace Installation

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Are you not feeling as warm as you’d like during the winter? Or perhaps you’re looking to save money with a more modern and efficient furnace model. Whatever your reason for replacing your furnace, we want you set up for success. 

Once you’ve decided to install a new furnace in your home, you may be wondering what steps to take to ensure the process goes smoothly. We have prepared the three most important steps before furnace installation to ensure that your furnace keeps you warm for many winters to come.

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When Should I Replace my Furnace?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell when you should replace your furnace and when you should repair it. 

Look for the following signs when you’re thinking about replacing your furnace. 

  • Your utility bills are continuously going up when you use your furnace
  • You have to call for repairs on your furnace frequently
  • You’re experiencing a weak airflow and poor heat delivery often
  • The furnace is more than ten years old 
  • The heat exchanger has become damaged
  • You are unsatisfied about crucial aspects of your furnace.

What Happens During Furnace Installation?

After the initial testing and estimate of your current furnace, the installation process will begin! Your contractors must remove your old heating system before the installers can begin. Removing the older furnace is the most complicated part of the process. Expect the removal of your old stinky furnace to take a while. 

Your HVAC contractors must then prepare the room for the installation of the new system. To do this, the HVAC technician clears the space. Then they make all the proper connections to your new furnace so it can disperse heat all through your home. 

Before leaving you with your new furnace, the installers will ensure it performs as it should. The most crucial stage is probably system testing. This testing is when technicians can find any potential issues with your new furnace and resolve them. 

The Best Ways To Prepare for Furnace Installation

1. Test Your Furnace

Before deciding what your heating system lacks, it is prudent to check your furnace and its heating cycle. Sometimes you may not even need to replace your furnace: simply repair it. Furnace maintenance and cleaning will create a world of wonder for a malfunctioning furnace. 

Take note of any strange behavior of your furnace and consult with an HVAC technician to decide the proper next steps. 

2. Do Your Research

Find the Right Contractor

You have to call for repairs on your furnace frequently is no easy feat; incorrect HVAC installation can lead to a lifetime of furnace problems. Working with an HVAC technician you trust is crucial. You should be able to find someone who offers a fair and affordable price, but you should not settle for amateur installation work. Try to get at least four HVAC installation estimates and compare them.

Allow a technician to inspect and evaluate the job before they proceed with the installation.

Get the Right Kind of Furnace

Take note of your space’s location, size, and specific needs. Every space has a different ideal model. While some models may be great for smaller homes, larger homes will need a different kind of unit. Consider things like efficiency, certification, and price. You should find an affordable model, but don’t settle for cheap equipment.

3. Prepare Your Space 

Now that you partnered with a trusted HVAC contractor, you’ve gotten your fair estimate, and you’ve scheduled your installation appointment, you can still do things to prepare your home for the installation process. 

Take note of where your furnace rests in your home. It could be anywhere in a central location, like a utility room or a utility closet. Try as best you can to create a clear path from the entrance of your home to the furnace site. Move any valuables or keepsakes out of the way so that there is no cause of concern for damages to your property. 

Also, ensure that any small children and pets are out of the construction site for their safety. If you are concerned about your furniture, you may consider pudding plastic over it to protect it from dust build-up during construction.

Find the Best Furnace Installation and Furnace Repair in Sterling, VA, with Cardinal

If you are looking for the best furnace replacement services in Sterling; you can trust Cardinal Heating and Cooling for excellent craftsmanship and A+ customer service. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much does Furnace Installation cost? 

Considering the price of furnace installation costs, you have to consider all of the following aspects:

  • Price of the actual unit
  • Price of the installation fees
  • Removal and disposal of the old furnace. 

The price from start to completion will average around 6000$, but it will vary depending on the model and the technician you choose. 

2. How Should I Know Which Type and Model of Furnace to Get?

A well-maintained furnace is a long-term investment: up to 20 years! It’s crucial to compare various system and fuel types when installing a new unit. You can find the ideal furnace for your needs by weighing all the possibilities and consulting a qualified HVAC contractor.

3. How Can I Keep My Furnace Running Efficiently For A Long Time?

How hard the furnace works affects its longevity in part. So try to invest in an efficient and sturdy model.

To start, you might ask for yearly preventative maintenance for your new furnace. Your heater will be completely inspected and cleaned from top to bottom by a reputable HVAC maintenance specialist. You will always save money with a clean furnace as they operate more effectively. 

Making constant temperature adjustments can make your heater work harder. So try not to change your temperature frequently in your home.

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