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Top 5 Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance

maintenance of hvac system

Regular HVAC maintenance is when your trusted HVAC technician comes and tunes up all aspects of your HVAC system. During this process, the technician will test, clean, and make small repairs to your system. 

Your HVAC system works every day to provide your home with comfortable air and builds up a lot of wear. Regular maintenance keeps the HVAC system ready for extreme temperatures, emergencies, and everyday use all year long. 

When you conduct routine maintenance on your HVAC system, you provide it with desperately needed care. Homeowners who conduct preventative maintenance save money on expensive repairs and experience better comfort and air quality. 

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Five Benefits of HVAC Maintenance.

1. Avoid Costly Repairs

There are two aspects of preventive maintenance that help you avoid costly repairs. 

Firstly, preventive maintenance catches small damages to your HVAC system before they become Irreplaceable or incredibly expensive to repair. Catching issues early is the key to saving money on repairs and also keeping your system ready for emergencies. 

Secondly, well-maintained HVAC systems work more efficiently. Higher efficiency means that an HVAC system is running at a better performance for less money. When a machine has working components, lubricated parts, and a clean environment, it’s become prepared to do its best work.

2. Elongate the life of your HVAC System.

Most HVAC systems have a lifespan of about 15 years. Reliable HVAC systems can last up to 20, while poorly maintained systems could last less than five. Routine maintenance will not only keep your AC and furnace running at its top performance. They’ll be able to pull their weight better for a longer time. If not, then you may need to consider HVAC replacement soon. 

3. Raises Air Quality

Surprisingly, indoor levels of airborne contaminants may be higher than outside levels. Much greater if the HVAC system has become neglected. Awareness of these hazardous contaminants is especially important if you or your family have respiratory conditions like asthma.

Even if we don’t realize it on a daily basis, many things that we’d rather not breathe share our houses with us. Common indoor allergens include pet dander, dust mites, cigarette smoke, pollen, and mold. These allergens are in addition to everyday home dust, which can cause various respiratory problems.

If you’re worried about mold because of a musty smell, it might be time to think about having the air ducts cleaned by a professional.

4. Raises HVAC Performance

Your HVAC system is what keeps you comfy all year long. Your system produces and distributes warm or cold air more evenly with regular HVAC maintenance. Additionally, it lessens the likelihood that your system might break down during extreme temperatures.

However, it may also be simple to take upkeep for granted. You don’t have to accept that a certain room is just too warm in the summer or too cold in the winter. 

Cleaning your ducting and taking other preventative measures will help make sure that your house heats and cools as evenly and effectively as feasible.

Additionally, routine maintenance will reduce the likelihood that HVAC odors or sounds can negatively impact your wellbeing.

5. Gives Homeowners Peace of Mind

With preventative maintenance, you can ensure that your home becomes equipped for any type of climate. You can be sure that your system is circulating fresh, clean, and cool air whenever you need it. 

Don’t become trapped without your HVAC system. Take care of your peace of mind by requesting routine maintenance this fall. 

Schedule Regular Preventative Maintenance with Cardinal.

If you’re looking for thorough annual maintenance, partner with Cardinal Heating and Cooling! Our HVAC tune-up services are reliable, affordable, and of high quality. We pay attention to all components of your HVAC system to ensure that it’s working at high performance.

Take a look at our maintenance plans to start taking care of your HVAC system as it takes care of you. Our staff is highly trained and skilled: they offer expert advice so you can keep your HVAC in the best shape. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is when an HVAC technician tests all of your HVAC system’s components to ensure there are no damages. It’s called preventive because when you catch small damages before they become large, you’re preventing thousands of dollars in costly repairs. 

HVAC technicians will often use the terms “preventive maintenance” and “regular maintenance” in the same context.

There are also other types of maintenance, including:

  • Reactive 
  • Predetermined maintenance. 
  • Corrective maintenance.

Preventative maintenance is the best way to save money on your utility bills this summer.

2. Does Cardinal Offer any Maintenance Plans?

We do offer both annual and biannual maintenance plans. We want to offer you only the best for your nest! 

You can be sure that every year when you see our HVAC technicians, they will always deliver their best work for preventive maintenance. Our Nest protection plan offers more affordable options to keep your HVAC and plumbing in their top condition.

You’ll get the following benefits when you join the Nest Protection Plan: An annual, thorough plumbing inspection:

  • A 25-point HVAC maintenance visit every two months.
  • Annual flush of conventional water heater tank.
  • Prepare your cooling system for Summer and your heating system for winter. 
  • Tankless descaling options.

A maintenance plan will ensure you don’t have to experience the hassle of calling and scheduling an appointment every spring. Start taking advantage of the benefits of our regular maintenance. 

3. What Happens During Regular Maintenance? 

Usually, during regular maintenance, an HVAC technician will test all your HVAC system’s components to ensure that they are working properly. They will lubricate any moving parts, replace any small damages, and check for temperature imbalances.

They will also advise repair services if they discover any need for large-scale repairs.

A satisfactory maintenance appointment should include:

  • Checking the circuits.
  • Testing safety controls.
  • Clearing the drain line.
  • Testing the condensate pump and all attached components.
  • Testing or replacing caps and valves. 
  • Inspection of electrical components. 
  • Cleaning and testing of indoor and outdoor units.
  • And more!

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