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Understanding Your Toilet Troubles

Toilet Troubles

3 Toilet Maintenance Challenges

While learning about toilet maintenance may not sound like the most interesting thing to do, it can be very beneficial.

Not only can it help in learning how to catch problems when they start,
but it can also save your Sterling household lots of money along the way.
By being able to recognize a leaking toilet early on and call in a plumber
to fix the problem, plenty of money will be saved over the long run. Therefore,
it’s important for people to be aware of just what can go wrong with
their toilets.

Preventing Clogs

While most people believe clogs are an inevitable way of life with toilets,
it’s actually the opposite. Most clogs, whether they are big or small,
can be easily prevented with some basic common sense. By using good quality
toilet paper that is made to disintegrate easily once wet, pipes can stay clear.

Also, people who realize the toilet is not a trash can often have far fewer
clogs, since they are very careful not to put things in the bowl for flushing
that are likely to create clogs. However, for those people who do clog
up their toilet, repair bills can be high if the clog winds up in the
sewer line.

Buy a New Toilet

If you’ve got a toilet that’s more than 20 years old, you need
to purchase a new one for several reasons. First and foremost is that
newer toilets use much less water per flush, averaging only 1.6 gallons
versus 3.5 gallons for older toilets. As an added bonus, they break down
far fewer times due to improved technology, which saves on repair bills
as well. According to most plumbers, any home that has an older toilet
is simply throwing away their money in the form of high water bills and
repair bills.

Don’t Let the Toilet Leak Day After Day

One of the most common problems people have with their Herdon homes’
toilets is a leak, yet many of them never realize their toilet is leaking
until the water bills go through the roof after several months.

To find out if the toilet is leaking, listen for a hissing sound and try
to notice if it stops running after each flush. If it doesn’t, it’s
leaking water from the tank to the bowl. Damaged flapper valves often
cause this, so contact a plumber as soon as possible to fix the problem.

Are you having trouble with your Herdon, VA toilet? Call Cardinal Plumbing, Heating & Air Inc.
at 703-721-8888 for all your plumbing needs!

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