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Water Bills Too High? Here’s How To Cut Water Usage

How To Cut Water Usage

Five Simple Ways To Cut Down Your Water Usage

Water is a resource that should be limited. We use it daily, but it is
possible that at times we may be using it too much. Here are some tips
on how to save water in your Sterling home.

Reuse Cooking Water

Those who cook with water need to learn how to reuse water that is cooking
the food. If the water is being used in something like pasta, then there’s
no problem with reusing the water when cooking another type of pasta,
potatoes, boiled eggs, vegetables or other types of foods.

As long as the water won’t alter the taste of the food being cooked,
then reuse water as much as possible when cooking separate foods.

Collect Cold Water

There’s always some cold water coming from the faucet before the
water will turn hot, but it’s best not to let the water go down
the drain to go to waste. Collect the cold water in something so it can
be used again for the plants, drinking water, cleaning water or something else.

Just because the water doesn’t get hot as quickly as you’d
like, doesn’t mean it should go to waste in the meantime.

Limit Baths

Taking a bath can be extremely relaxing and a refreshing way to clean the
body, but baths take up a lot of water. Baths can easily take up to 30
gallons of water or more, depending on the size of the actual bathtub.

If you have to take a bath, limit yourself to one bath a week if possible,
and choose to shower the rest of the time. Limiting baths are a great
way to save a lot of water in a home, especially if several people in
the home like to take baths.

Only Use The Washer When It’s Full

There should always be a rule only to wash clothes when the washer gets
full because it just wastes water if you don’t fill up the washer
with clothes but still fill it up with water.

Some washers will allow you to limit the amount of water that goes into
them, but the ones that don’t may be wasting water if the washer
is not full. It’s best to wait for a full washer with clothes before
running the washer.

Set A Washing Schedule

It’s a good idea to set a schedule for when clothes should be washed
in your Sterling home. Instead of washing clothes every day, set a schedule for washing the clothes every other day, so you won’t use the washer
as much, which will then ultimately save a lot more water.

Put savings in your pocket this month by cutting the water usage in your
Sterling, VA home. Call Cardinal Plumbing, Heating & Air Inc. today at 703-721-8888, and
see how much you can save this month.

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