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Why You Should Use a Professional Drain Cleaning Service

professional drain cleaning services

If you need a plumbing supply system repair, it can cost thousands of dollars to fix. Blockages, leaks, and burst pipes are often due to issues that develop over time. Drain cleaning can avoid a catastrophic plumbing failure. A professional drain cleaning service employs many tools and techniques that are available only to experienced plumbers; there are many effective methods to clear out drains, such as:

Augers: Simple drain augers, or snakes, can be purchased at a home hardware store. But they’re not as strong as motorized professional augers with rotating elements that can clear stubborn grease, soap, pet hair, and other buildup from inside pipe. Sometimes they can even break apart tree roots that have gotten into sewer pipe.

Hydrojetting: High-pressure streams of water can remove many types of debris from drains and pipes. Water is pushed at thousands of pounds per square inch to scour the sides of pipe without causing damage. The hydrojetting process is so effective it can reduce the likelihood of future clogs or prevent them from occurring anywhere in the short term.

Camera Inspection: If the plumber needs to know what is inside the pipe, small fiber optic cameras can be used to inspect the drain from the inside. They can see on a video screen where the problem is, to determine the best way to fix it. While this is being done, you’ll be able to view onscreen what the plumber is seeing.

Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

The drain cleaning process can yield these advantages:

Stops blockages from getting worse: Tiny clogs can wreak havoc on your sink, toilet, or shower. Professional drain cleaning avoids use of chemical drain cleaners, which can harm your pipes. A plumber uses a more effective and safer approach.

Prevents sewer smells: The odor from a clogged drain can be tough to handle. It can also cause air quality problems in your home. A persistent stench may mean you have a drain or pipe clog or deeper problem.

Avoids more serious damage: Drain cleaning not only protects pipes, but the rest of your home from water damage as well. A burst pipe or overflowed sink or toilet can cause water to seep into wall and floor materials, cause rapid degradation, and compromise structural integrity. It also allows mold to form.

Can improve health: Bacteria and mold can grow in a clogged drain. Without the right treatment, these can lead to infections, breathing problems, and a range of illnesses. A clean drain avoids exposure to harmful organisms that could otherwise grow.

Lower costs: Clog-free drains can avoid expensive plumbing repairs and damage to your home. Whether it be preventing pipe damage or a plumber finding the source of a leak, the process can also help reduce water bills. The cost of replacing pipe and other plumbing infrastructure are avoided as well.

Improved drainage: Once your drains are professionally cleaned, you’ll notice right away that water drains more quickly. No more overflowing sinks or toilets or low water pressure in the shower.

Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning Today

A clogged drain can be a sign of a deeper problem or the start of a blockage that escalates over time. At Cardinal Plumbing, we offer fast drain cleaning services with same-day service calls. Our technicians can fix the most difficult of clogs. We’re also known for our affordable pricing and satisfaction guarantee. If you notice your drains are slow or backing up, book an appointment online or call us at 703-721-8888 today!

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