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Jan 29, 2016

The Top Three Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Watch for in 2016

Sometimes it is the smallest rooms in the Sterling home that demand the
most attention and updates. This can be true of the
bathrooms in your house. Often homeowners will forget about this space until it begs for new fixtures
and touches of color. Upcoming 2016 bathroom trends to help make this
area come alive with new touches and additions include:

Water-Saving Devices

Saving water is now a concern everywhere. It will help lower your water
bill and preserve one of earth’s most precious natural resources.
Consider the ultimate in low-flow shower heads. One would think that no
one could not live without a full spray of warm water, but technology
has made it possible to still get a refreshing burst of water and still
use much less than before. Toilets with two flush options are also popular.
The new tankless water heaters will also only heat water as needed without
storing large amounts at a time, saving even more of this natural resource
and keeping this utility bill down.


It used to be that there was very little storage in bathrooms. Now storage
options are endless. Hooks, open shelving, over-the-door units, and even
the area below the sink has become more organized and accessible. Wall
mounted storage cabinets at just the right height are one of the more
popular additions to this year’s evolving trends. Even the decor lends
itself to storage. A cozy ottoman, a large wicker basket, or trendy wooden
boxes all give the occupants new places to store magazines, towels, or
bathroom amenities for guests.


The colors used in this area used to be very subtle and even bland. Bolder
looks are now extremely popular and can be achieved through the use of
darker or brighter shades or even wallpaper. A great way to begin selecting
your tones for this room is to choose a piece of wall art that will hang
on one of these walls and select the most striking colors from it and
use it in your decorating scheme. Add extra mirrors to make the colorful
additions really pop and make the room look larger.

2016 is going to be a great year for new and upgraded bathrooms. Think
about remodeling your Sterling bathroom soon and add all of these special
features to make this area truly distinctive and inviting.

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