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Apr 01, 2016

10 Benefits of an Advanced Water Filtration System

The advanced water filtration system provides clean, sanitized water free
of chemicals and other bacteria. Many Sterling households rely on these
water filtration system to provide clean water that would otherwise be
unavailable to them. Here are ten benefits of an advanced water filtration system.

What is the Difference Between a Water Filtration System and a Water Delivery System?

Water filtration systems are installed. From there, the water is supplied
through a system. The water is treated as it arrives. The delivery system
supplies clean water as it ordered.

It’s treated and then stored in a plastic bottle until it’s
ready for use. Plastic bottles are associated with elevated risks of exposure to BPH.

Water becomes unavailable if it is not delivered whereas a filtration system
steadily supplies clean drinking water.

Both types of water solutions offer cleaner, sanitized water when compared
to tap water. A delivery water system relies on a uniform technique to
eliminate toxins and impurities from the water consumed.

An advanced filtration system can be tailored to meet the specific needs
of the customer. For example, if a person has a hard water problem, the
solution can be matched to address that need as well as remove the impurities.

10 Benefits of an Advanced Water Filtration System

1. Customers can save 50 percent more on their water service than they otherwise
would with the water delivery system. Consider the labor and resources
required to deliver clean water to a facility. The costs can add up over
time because of the frequent delivery requirements. Now consider the filtration
system that supplies water consistently after being installed just one
time. No more deliveries required lowers the costs associated with filtered
drinking water.

2. Our advanced filtration system serves as an eco-friendly, cost-effective
alternative to the delivery systems. Customers have the advantage of going
green while saving money at the same time. Going green with a bottled
water option or water delivery system is difficult.

3. The constant availability of clean water eliminates the need for replacing
the heavy 5-gallon water jugs. Eliminating the water jug makes it way
much more convenient for the family. The steady supply of tasty, crisp
water available through a filtration system eliminates the hassle of replacing
the large jugs.

4. The conventional cooler isn’t usually cleaned every three months,
but the filtration system has built-in self-cleaning abilities. Families
can enjoy water free of microbes, toxins and bacteria with this filtration
system. People appreciate the low maintenance option that requires far
less cleaning.

5. The system supplies better-tasting water. Better, cleaner water free of
the chlorine and contaminants that can lead to an aftertaste creates a
much more enjoyable experience. Tastier water makes it much easier to
drink the recommended daily amount. Clear of contaminants, delicious water
is much more appealing to those reluctant to embrace the refreshing beverage.

6. Contaminants found in water has been proven in some research to increase
the risks of cancer. Studies indicate that cleaner water reduces risks
of rectal, bladder and colon cancer. Chlorinated water behaves as toxins
to the body if consumed in large quantities. According to one study by
the US Council of Environmental Quality, cancer risks are 93 percent higher
among those who regularly consumed chlorinated water.

7. Filtered water also reduces risks of gastrointestinal disease. The two
bacteria, giardia and cryptosporidium, are more likely to cause gastrointestinal
diseases. One study shows that by drinking water free of these bacteria,
customers can reduce their risks of digestive problems by 33 percent or more.

8. A filtration system can offer a pH balanced drinking water. Advanced water
filtration systems capable of removing dangerous toxins while preserving
the mineral deposits is healthier. The right balance contributes to Ph-balanced
drinking water, which enhances the performance of the body’s system
in combatting diseases.

9. Better skin is another advantage of getting a water filter installation.
Certain toxins contribute to dryness in the skin.

Chlorine actually creates a dullness in the skin. Showering in treated
water will reduce dryness in the scalp and improve the softness of your
skin. Water that is softened and treated is better for the hair and skin.

10. The environment benefits every time a household switches to the eco-friendly
alternative. Less bottled water reduces pollution in the long run. This
simple switch to a filtration system starts the process of adopting a
greener lifestyle for more households.

A water filter installation is a healthier, cost-effective alternative
to the water delivery system. Households get access to clean, better-tasting
water without the inconvenience of replacing heavy water jugs.

Constant supply of refreshing, clean water promotes healthier habits for
the household and reduces chances of cancer and other diseases. People
can immediately begin to reap the benefits of cleaner water shortly after
the filtration system installation.

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