How to Detect a Water Leak

Nov 13, 2015

3 Ways to Detect a Water Leak in Your Home

Water leaks can lead to costly damages if they aren’t detected early. Thankfully, these leaks don’t come
without warning signs. Here are three signs you should look for when searching
your Sterling home for leaks.

1. Extremely high water bills

If your water bills have been resting at about the same place each month
but suddenly start to spike, this can be a sign of a leak. If you haven’t
made any drastic chances to your water usage, you may want to investigate
your pipes or water meter to see if you can detect a leak, especially
if your water bill has been high for the past few months.

2. Musty smell with mold and mildew present on the wall

Mold and mildew can often be found in moist, dark places. These bacteria
can often grow on shower walls, but if you find them on non-shower walls,
it could be because you have a leaking pipe. Additionally, stagnant water
often emanates a musty smell. If your bathroom has been thoroughly cleaned
and you still smell must, there could be a hidden leak somewhere within
your bathroom walls that is causing water to accumulate.

3. Water stained or damaged walls, ceilings, and floors

These are a tell-tale sign of water damage. If you notice warping, sagging,
or staining on your walls or ceilings and you can’t explain the source
of it, you could have a water leak. You should also pay close attention
to your floors.

If your flooring seems warped or damaged in some areas, a leak, coming
from an area near where the damage is occurring, could be to blame. Humidity
can also cause damage, such as warping and staining, so make sure to rule
it out as a cause before you begin searching for leaks.

If you notice damage to your Sterling walls, ceilings, and floors, coupled
with a high water bill and a musty smell, you probably have a leak. It
is best to seek professional help from a plumber in order to find out
where your leak is located and properly fix the problem. Once you have
determined there is a leak, it is best to act as quickly as possible so
that no further damage is caused.

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