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Furnace Installation & Furnace Replacement in Sterling, VA & Surrounding Areas

At some point in homeownership, your old, faithful furnace becomes a source of discomfort rather than a provider of warmth. When the cold, chilling Alexandria, VA, weather sets in, an inefficient furnace becomes a pressing problem. Delaying a necessary furnace replacement service might save money, but the hard truth is it’s costing you more in high energy bills and discomfort.

Cardinal Plumbing is ready to turn that pressing problem into a comforting solution. Our expert HVAC team renders meticulous, efficient, and reliable furnace installation services that ensure you and your family stay warm and comfortable while shaving off excessive heating costs.

Trust the Experts for Your Furnace Installation Needs

Recognizing When You Need A Furnace Replacement

While it can be tempting to cling to your existing furnace for as long as possible, there are a few worrisome signs you should pay attention to. These include increased energy bills, uneven heating, loud noises from the furnace, and frequent need for repairs. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to consider a new furnace.

At Cardinal Plumbing, we believe that an informed customer is a satisfied customer. That’s why we take the time to evaluate your current furnace and provide you with honest assessments on whether a new furnace is the best solution for your needs.

Cardinal Plumbing's Reputation for Excellence

Industry-Leading Service and Quality

Service Calls

Our team is ready to jump into action when your furnace goes out. We arrange same-day service calls to ensure you and your family are never stuck out in the cold.


Transparency is one of our core values. At Cardinal Plumbing, we provide free, no-obligation estimates to give you the clarity and confidence you need to decide your heating needs.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We’re not just about installing furnaces but about delivering comfort, safety, and efficiency. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we only consider our job done once you’re fully satisfied with our services.

a person holding a baby
a person holding a baby

Frequently Asked Questions

The exact cost depends on a variety of factors. When coming up with a cost estimate for furnace installation near me, a technician looks at all of the following:

  1. Complexity of the installation
  2. Size of the furnace
  3. Existing equipment
  4. Cost of materials
  5. Timeline for the installation
  6. Type of furnace (gas or electric)

Ask us if you want to find out how much your furnace will cost! A qualified technician will come out and inspect your situation. Then, they’ll gather all the necessary information to give you an accurate estimate. You can trust our estimates and don’t need to worry about hidden fees or charges. We pride ourselves on having up-front pricing.

Much like it’s impossible to tell you how much an emergency furnace installation will cost, it’s nearly impossible to give you a timeline on the project. Typically, it takes between four and ten hours for a professional to handle the installation. This timeline depends on the size of the unit, the type of furnace, and the existing furnace.

There’s a lot you should know about replacing a furnace. For one, you should know that there are many different types of furnaces you can choose from. Picking a new furnace is not something you should take lightly. Before you pick a model, consult with your HVAC technician.

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