Is That Dripping Keeping You Up At Night?

Feb 12, 2016

Plumber Recommended Methods For Fixing a Leaky Faucet

If you are like most people, you may easily overlook a
slow drip in your Sterling kitchen or bathroom sink. However, this is a problem
that can become more significant over time, and your slow drip may quickly
turn into a much larger dilemma with a heavy trickle of water or even
a steady stream that flows from the pipe relentlessly at all hours of
the day and night.

This can create an annoying, bothersome sound that keeps you up at night,
and it also can cause you to experience higher than normal water bills
until the issue is resolved. A plumber may help you to repair the faucet
so that you can move beyond this issue quickly.

The Initial Assessment

A plumber will initially inspect the plumbing feature to determine what
is the cause of the leak. After the cause has been determined, a skilled
plumber will be able to determine the best way to repair the faucet, and
many will be able to make the repair on-site with the first visit to your home.

A plumbing company typically will provide you with a written estimate of
the repair cost so that there are no surprises with regards to cost after
the work has been completed.

The Repair or Replacement

Typically, you only need to agree to move forward with the repair after
the estimate has been provided to you, and the work can begin immediately.
A plumber often will repair a leaking faucet by tightening the screws
that are located on the handles. The face plates to the handles can be
pried off carefully using a small, flat object to access the screws.

This process may only take a few minutes to complete. Another common step
that plumbers may take is to replace the features entirely. You can typically
select your own faucets to use for the replacement, or the plumber can
provide a replacement unit for you. If you plan to replace the faucets
beforehand, you can simply purchase a model that you find aesthetically
pleasing at a local Sterling hardware store.

Making the Call

Even a slow leak is not something that you want to overlook, so now is
the right time to reach out to a plumber for assistance with a repair
appointment. Regardless of how fast or slow your leak is, contact Cardinal
Plumbing at (703) 541-8489 today to request a diagnostic and repair
appointment for the faucet in your Sterling, VA home.


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