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Professional Water Softener System Installation in Sterling, VA & Surrounding Areas

Hard water is a hidden menace in many homes. As it flows, it leaves behind mineral deposits that can harm fixtures and appliances and dull your dishes and clothing. No need to worry about these problems with Cardinal Plumbing, the esteemed water softener professionals in Alexandria, VA.

We offer skilled installation and repair services for water softener systems designed to revolutionize the water quality in your home. With our expert assistance, you can eliminate hard water’s effects and prolong your appliances’ lifespan.

Experience the Benefits of Soft Water

How Our Water Softener Systems Work & The Types We Offer

Our water softener system uses an ion exchange process to eliminate the calcium and magnesium ions responsible for hard water. It replaces them with sodium ions, effectively softening your water. Our systems ensure you can access soft water thanks to an automatic regenerating system that regularly recharges.

There’s a wide variety of whole-house water softener systems to suit different needs and budgets. From salt-based and salt-free systems to reverse osmosis and magnetic water softeners — all designed to keep your water supply pristine.

A Legacy of Reliable Service

We Assess Your Water Quality and Home Requirements to Design A Customized Water Softening Solution

Service Calls

No need to wait. With our quick response rate, we can install or repair your water softener system the same day you call us.


Free estimates are a crucial part of our service. We believe in transparency and are happy to provide a detailed breakdown of the expected job costs upfront.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Cardinal Plumbing takes pride in achieving 100% Customer Satisfaction every time. We aren’t just committed to doing the job right the first time and providing you with the highest quality customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Water softening is usually accomplished by exchanging the minerals in the water with sodium. This process is known as an ion exchange and it typically uses a mineral tank filled with beads made from polystyrene. These beads carry a negative charge, and since the calcium and magnesium in the hard water carry positive charges, the minerals will cling to the beads as the water goes through the tank. Most water softeners have an automatic regenerating system, flushing and then recharging the system on a regular schedule. During the regeneration process, soft water usually isn’t available for use.

If you have seen the signs of hard water and then visited your local hardware store looking for a solution, you were probably introduced to several water treatment products that were designed to give you soft water. Some of these may provide you with temporary results, but for long-term water softening, you should have a whole-house system installed by professional plumbers. This way, you can be certain the process is safe and effective, and that every faucet in your house is producing the kind of water you and your family want.

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