5 Inventive Ways To Remodel Your Bathroom For The New Year

Add His And Her Sinks

When considering a remodeling project for your Sterling bathroom, a good idea would be to get his and her sinks, especially if the bathroom only has one sink to begin with. A plumber that does remodeling bathroom projects can advise you on the possibility of adding an extra sink, and they can do the installation as well. Adding an extra sink would be a great way to make the bathroom look better, and it gives a couple that uses the bathroom their very own sink.

bathroom remodelingAdd An Additional Medicine Cabinet

If you’ve chosen to add his and her sinks, then consider adding another medicine cabinet above the side of the sink area that didn’t have one before. It’s nice for each person to have their own sink, but a place to keep their medicine as well as other knick knacks for the bathroom would be nice too.

Add A Very Large Mirror

There are very few bathrooms that don’t have a mirror, but if you’ve chosen to add an additional sink to the bathroom, then this might change the use you have for the mirror that was there before. Depending on where the sinks are, it would be nice to have a mirror that stretches across the entire sink, which would allow both persons using the sinks to be able to use the mirror at the same time. If the bathroom wasn’t originally created with a very large or long mirror, then this is the time to add one after you’ve had the sink area extended or added another sink for another user.

Change Up The Material On The Floor

Although you may be used to the flooring that you currently have in your bathroom, consider changing it. There are multiple types of flooring that can be used on the bathroom floor, and no one type of flooring is required. If you like to walk on a soft carpet, then consider getting carpeting. If you prefer a laminate surface, then get that. You can even consider hardwood as well as other materials too.

Get A Different Toilet

Adding a new toilet into the bathroom can give it a look that makes the bathroom stand out a bit more, especially if the toilet has color. Generally, toilets are white in color, but there are many different colored toilets out there that you may want to have installed in your bathroom. Overall, you could drastically improve the comfort and value of your Sterling home! Start the new year in your Sterling, VA home with a new bathroom! Call Cardinal Plumbing, Heating & Air Inc. at 703-721-8888 today, so we can get started!