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Cardinal Heating Services

When it comes to your home or business, ensuring the proper care of your HVAC system is essential. Cardinal Plumbing, Heating & Air provides comprehensive HVAC system care. We pride ourselves on offering valuable, safe, and reliable heating services.
Whether you require maintenance, repairs, system diagnosis, or a complete replacement, we will walk you through the process with complete transparency.
Our Cardinal air conditioning team has the knowledge and experience to provide each of our customers with reliable HVAC service. When it comes to the air quality your family depends on, you can trust our team to get it right.
With locations in Sterling, Alexandria and Gainesville, Cardinal provides same-day service to locations across Northern Virginia.
Cardinal Air Conditioning
No matter how big or small, our team of trained experts can assist you in finding the perfect solution for your HVAC needs.
When it comes to air conditioning maintenance, there are many factors at play. Applying proper prevention methods, along with scheduling annual maintenance from an HVAC pro, homeowners can help reduce the need for repairs in the future.
Regardless of maintenance and care, every air conditioning unit runs its course and needs replacement. Knowing the signs of when to replace a unit can keep you from wasting money on repeated repairs.
Key signs of when to replace your HVAC unit include the age of the unit, safety concerns and failing components. Units that are older than 15 years are more likely to require replacement than younger units.
Air Duct Service
Air ducts are an oft-overlooked aspect of healthy HVAC units. When it comes to servicing your air ducts, our Cardinal heating and cooling team will exceed your expectations.
If your house is showing signs of poor air quality, it may not be your unit that’s at fault. HVAC systems are only as good as their parts, and poor air duct quality can affect the entire unit.
With options such as cleaning, replacement, repairs and sealing, our team at Cardinal can service all of your air duct needs.
Cardinal Heating Emergency Repairs
With convenient locations across Northern Virginia, our team of experts provides emergency services for all of your furnace needs. Our team is available seven days a week to assist with a faulty furnace and get your home back in ship shape.
Signs of when to call for emergency furnace repairs include odd odors or sounds, a unit that overheats or a unit that won’t turn on. If you identify any of these problems, promptly contact the Cardinal heating team to service your furnace.
Our emergency services extend to HVAC units as well. A working HVAC system can be life-saving for businesses and homes. Cardinal heating and cooling understands the importance of providing quick and affordable repairs.
Home and business owners can always rely on Cardinal to provide professional and timely service when called upon.
Contact us online or give us a call 703-721-8888 to discuss our HVAC services.