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Burke, VA

Burke, VA
The area of Fairfax County known as Burke is named for Silas Burke, a 19th-century farmer, merchant, and local politician who built a house on a hill overlooking the valley of Pohick Creek in approximately 1824. The house is still standing. When the Orange and Alexandria Railroad was constructed in the late 1840s, the railroad station at the base of that hill was named “Burke’s Station” after Burke, who owned the land in the area and donated a right-of-way to the railroad company. The community that grew up around the railroad station acquired a post office branch in 1852. Currently, railroad tracks on the same historical line are owned by the Norfolk Southern Railway and form part of the Manassas line of the Virginia Railway Express commuter rail system, of which two stations lie in the Burke area. The original Burke Station building can still be seen in the community, turned 90 degrees from its historical footprint.
Burke, VA Quick Facts
City Established
City Established : 1824
Population Size : 41,055
Fun Facts
Allen Johnson, gold medalist in 1996 Olympics in Atlanta (110-metre hurdles) and a four-time world champion; attended Lake Braddock Secondary School.
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