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Cardinal Plumbing provides air duct cleaning services in Sterling, Alexandria, Reston, Gainesville, and throughout Northern Virginia. Does your home have signs of poor air quality? An increase in allergies or asthma symptoms, or more dust in the air than usual, can indicate a problem in your ventilation system.
Call today to schedule an air duct cleaning to address issues such as dirt build-up, contamination, leakage, or poor sealing. Serving all of Northern Virginia, we’re available in Arlington, Fairfax, and Prince William Counties.
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Common Problems with Air Ducts

Air ducts are susceptible to a wide range of issues that can in turn have a direct impact on your HVAC system, home, and health. If left unchecked, these problems may lead to damage to important and expensive components.

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  • Contamination: Dust, pollen, mold, and other fine particles that collect in ductwork can contaminate the air in your home, causing anything from sneezing and coughing to airborne diseases. Unwanted particles can collect indoors in concentrations much higher than outside, which can be very dangerous.
  • Blockage: Excessive accumulation of material can eventually block ducts, impeding airflow through the system. Insect colonies, rodent infestations, and bird nests can completely block a duct, disrupting your HVAC system and potentially exposing your family to harmful pathogens.
  • Leakage: A loss of air from ducts forces your air conditioning system to work harder. This can cause components to overheat, wear out faster, and fail, causing the A/C to break down unexpectedly. At the very least, an air leak will prevent the system from maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home.
  • Poor Sealing: The grills and registers are important for airflow, but if they’re not well-sealed, dust, debris, and insects can get inside with little to stop them. A significant amount of conditioned air can escape through poorly sealed areas as well, so it’s important for a professional to address any sealing issues before they become costly.
  • Design Flaws: Some duct designs are more prone to getting obstructed. If your system has an unusual number of kinks and twists, air flow can be blocked or restricted to the point it negatively impacts the efficiency of your air conditioning system. A bad design can make it impossible to get comfortable no matter what you set your A/C to.

Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning is an important part of maintaining proper ventilation. By having a professional clean your dryer vents, you can reduce humidity and dust in the air. Dust and lint build-up can be a fire hazard, but clean vents can prevent a dangerous fire. They can also increase efficiency, so the dryer uses less energy, potentially saving on utility bills.

Kitchen exhaust systems help restaurants and commercial kitchens maintain and adhere to strict cleaning standards. Following the proper cleaning procedures reduces the risk of fire and allows smoke and odors to ventilate. It can improve efficiency as well, resulting in energy savings. Exhaust cleaning professionals can also ensure you’re compliant with local/national fire and health codes.

Benefits of Cleaning Air Ducts

Clean air ducts have many benefits in homes, restaurants, offices, and any indoor air-conditioned space, including:

  • Fewer impacts from dirt, pollen, mold, debris, and fine particles in the air.
  • Elimination of viruses and bacteria that can potentially contaminate buildings.
  • Improvement in allergy/asthma symptoms and reduced sick days at work.
  • Increased efficiency of HVAC equipment and a longer operating life.
  • Avoidance of inconvenient, costly breakdowns of A/C systems.

Professional cleaning services employ advanced equipment and techniques that effectively remove contaminants, sanitize your ducts, and deodorize indoor air. Technicians can safely inspect for clogs, damage, and design issues and use professional-grade vacuum systems to clear out any debris.

Contact Cardinal Plumbing for Professional Air Duct Cleaning

If you think it’s time for an air duct cleaning, contact Cardinal Plumbing and we’ll perform a thorough inspection to determine what kind of service you need. We are equipped to clean out any kind of build-up and identify/fix any serious problems that may be present. Remember, your ductwork cycles all the air you breathe and can impact your comfort, health, and safety. Book online or call us at 703-721-8888 to schedule an appointment.

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