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Air Duct Cleaning

Northern Virginia’s Finest Air Duct Cleaning Services

One of the biggest culprits of unhealthy air in the home is dirty air ducts. Polluted air passes through the air ducts from the outside. In turn, the ducts distribute the contaminated air back into your house. The vicious cycle continues daily. One of the best ways to stop the dirty air from circulating is to schedule air duct cleaning. Cardinal Plumbing, Heating & Air offers air duct cleaning services in Northern Virginia.
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Our air duct cleaning company can inspect the ductwork throughout your house. We can identify the dirty areas and remove the dirt or dust. We use advanced equipment that can purify the ducts, restoring clean air to your house once again. You will notice a significant difference in the quality of the air in every room. Contact us today for an-in home clean air assessment and estimate.
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Common Problems with Air Ducts

Air ducts are susceptible to a wide range of issues that can, in turn, directly impact your HVAC system, home, and health. If left unchecked, these problems may damage important and expensive components.

Air Contamination

Dust, pollen, mold, and other fine particles that collect in ductwork can contaminate the air in your home, causing anything from sneezing and coughing to airborne diseases. Unwanted particles can collect indoors in concentrations much higher than outside, which can be very dangerous.


Excessive accumulation of material can eventually block ducts, impeding airflow through the system. Insect colonies, rodent infestations, and bird nests can completely block a duct, disrupting your HVAC system and potentially exposing your family to harmful pathogens.

Air Leaks

A loss of air from ducts forces your air conditioning system to work harder. It can cause components to overheat, wear out faster, and fail, causing the AC to break down unexpectedly. At the very least, an air leak will prevent the system from maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home.

Poor Duct Seals

The grills and registers are important for airflow, but if they’re not well-sealed, dust, debris, and insects can get inside with little to stop them. A significant amount of conditioned air can escape through poorly sealed areas, so a professional must address any sealing issues before they become costly.

Design Flaws

If your system has an unusual number of kinks and twists, airflow can be blocked or restricted to the point it negatively impacts the efficiency of your air conditioning system. A bad design can make it impossible to get comfortable no matter what you set your AC to.
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Benefits of Cleaning Air Ducts

Clean air ducts have many benefits in homes, restaurants, offices, and any indoor air-conditioned space, including:
  • square boxFewer impacts from dirt, pollen, mold, debris, and fine particles in the air.
  • square box Elimination of viruses and bacteria that can potentially contaminate buildings.
  • square boxImprovement in allergy/asthma symptoms and reduced sick days at work.
  • square boxIncreased efficiency of HVAC equipment and longer operating life.
  • square boxAvoidance of inconvenient, costly breakdowns of A/C systems.
Professional cleaning services employ advanced equipment and techniques that effectively remove contaminants, sanitize your ducts, and deodorize indoor air. Technicians can safely inspect for clogs, damage, and design issues and use professional-grade vacuum systems to clear out debris.

What to Expect from Cardinal HVAC Experts

At Cardinal, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with reliable, safe and cost-efficient solutions. Our team provides a wide range of air duct services, including cleaning, repairs, replacement and sealing. Our team is professionally trained and is up-to-date with best practices. When you contact Cardinal for air duct cleaning services, you can expect clear and transparent communication about the process and pricing. Our team members will arrive uniformed and ready to provide contactless service to ensure customer safety. Once a team member arrives, they will conduct a quick survey of what needs to happen. Our pros will act quickly and efficiently to service your air ducts upon approval.

Schedule Air Duct Cleaning Services in Northern Virginia

Don’t let dirty air ducts ruin your health. Contact Cardinal Plumbing, Heating & Air to purify the air ducts in your HVAC system. We offer complete air duct cleaning services in Northern Virginia. Contact us today for an in-home assessment. Call today or fill out our contact form to schedule air duct cleaning services in Northern Virginia.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Duct Cleaning Services

How Do You Replace Air Ducts?

Replacing air ducts might sound easy, but it’s an incredibly complex process. In a typical central air system, the air ducts connect across a large system. They bring air in and out of all the rooms of your home. To replace those ducts, a technician needs to go through and make sure every one of those ducts is changed out with new ones.

How Long Do Air Ducts Last?

Just as your HVAC units won’t last forever, your air ducts won’t be eternal. In fact, they may not last as long as your heating and cooling system. In most homes, the ducts need to be replaced once every ten to 15 years. If you fail to replace your ducts in a timely manner, you could experience several issues. First, you might have high energy bills.

How Do I Know If I Have Bad Ductwork?

One of the most obvious signs of bad ductwork is a strange noise coming from your ducts or vents. As soon as you notice a change in your system’s sound, consult with a professional. You could have leaks or holes within your ducts. Unless you act quickly, you could have serious problems. High energy bills, frequent repairs, and other complications often occur when there are duct leaks.