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Air Duct Replacement

Air Duct Replacement in Northern Virginia

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Deteriorated, damaged, or poorly installed ductwork can cause many problems in the home. Each air duct allows conditioned air to circulate throughout the interior, but hidden problems can dramatically reduce air quality and cause a range of HVAC performance issues.
Fortunately, you can depend on Cardinal Plumbing, Heating & Air Inc. for air duct replacement and professional installation. Our work is covered under a 1-year labor warranty.
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Air Duct Replacement and Upgrades in Sterling

We are trusted throughout Sterling, Reston, Gainesville, Alexandria, and across Northern Virginia to replace old ducts and design and install new air ducts for homeowners. Known for reliable same-day service, we can ensure your air is clean and heating and cooling system runs efficiently.

A well designed, functional ventilation system goes a long way in improving your comfort, health, and peace of mind. If you’re making additions or extensive modifications to your home, we can perform professional duct upgrades to meet all your needs.

Common Issues with Air Ducts

Our technicians are familiar with a few common issues that affect residential ductwork. These include:

  • Leakage: You may be losing as much as 40% of circulating air due to holes and tears in air ducts. This can make your air conditioning system very inefficient. Oftentimes, leakage issues can be corrected with professional sealing.
  • Dirt: Dust, air pollutants, viruses, and bacteria can collect in ducts and then recirculate back inside your home. The concentration of pollutants can be many times more than outside, making indoor air quality a major concern.
  • Mold Growth: Excess moisture can allow mold to grow in areas you never see. Mold can then spread throughout the system, cause blockages, or release harmful toxins. Periodic duct inspections are therefore crucial in spotting any trouble.
  • Smoke Damage: If there has been a fire in your home, chances are smoke made its way into the ductwork. At the very least, smoke particles will collect with other debris and can cause metal surfaces in air ducts to corrode. Rusting is a serious problem for old ducts as well.
  • Poor Design: Design flaws include equipment not properly sized for your home, grills and registers that aren’t properly sealed, and flexible plastic ducts that are crushed, twisted, or kinked. These issues can cause serious problems with air circulation.

Do You Need to Replace Your Air Ducts?

An inadequate duct system can cause even the best rated HVAC systems to run inefficiently. Even if the rest of your air conditioning equipment is properly sized, it cannot function at peak capacity if the duct system doesn’t supply and return the right amount of air. Replacing air ducts is therefore an important job.

You should consider replacement if your home is old and still has its original ducts. Leakage due to physical damage as well as smoke damage, water damage, and rusting are all reasons to consider replacing your air ducts. Dirty fiberboard ducts should be replaced as should flexible ducts that have developed mold. Replacement can resolve many issues and also allows you to benefit from newer and more efficient air ducts.

Contact Cardinal Plumbing for Air Duct Upgrades

Whether you are considering an upgrade or have an urgent need for air duct replacement, Cardinal Plumbing is the contractor to trust. Our highly experienced technicians have the knowledge and training to replace air ducts in any sized home, so any type of HVAC system can run at peak capacity. We provide same-day service, financing, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

To learn more or schedule an air duct inspection or replacement, book online or call us at 703-721-8888, today!

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