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Air Duct Sealing and Repair

Air Duct Sealing Services in Northern Virginia

Air duct sealing is insulating and properly sealing air ducts that channel conditioned air throughout your home. These duct units are normally placed in the walls, crawl space, basement, or attic of a home. If the ducts become loose, conditioned air leaks out of the ducts and dirty air gets in. So, if you need the ducts resealed, contact Cardinal Plumbing, Heating & Air. We offer air duct sealing services in Northern Virginia.
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We utilize a variety of methods for sealing ductwork, depending on the type of air ducts in your home. Regardless of our method, we ensure that no air gets in or out of the air ducts through the seals and that we properly insulated the metal tubing. You get more temperature control with greater efficiency. Contact us for an in-home assessment and estimate on duct sealing services.
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Air Duct Services We Offer in the Northern Virginia Area

Leaky ducts may lose so much air that air conditioner efficiency can be reduced by as much as 40%. Old ducts are most at risk, especially those in your attic or basement. Cardinal Plumbing provides air duct sealing services in Northern Virginia to restore your ventilation system and AC system efficiency. Our air duct services include
Air Duct Sealing
Air duct sealing is maintenance that ensures your ducts are sealed, and your conditioned air is where it’s supposed to be, while the outside air is kept out. It’s important to have professionally sealed ducts, so you can rest easy knowing you won’t suffer the consequences of a poorly sealed system. We offer complete air duct sealing for the ductwork in your home.
Air Duct Repair
Sometimes the problem with your air ducts is not the seals. Instead, there may be extensive damage throughout the ducts. If so, we offer air duct repair. We offer a variety of solutions for repairing the air ducts to keep the air from getting in or out of the channels. Air duct repair also includes sealing, as well as part replacement. Contact us today for an estimate.

What to Expect from Cardinal HVAC Experts

To guarantee that we meet your needs, we offer a wide range of air duct services, including repairs, replacement, sealing and cleaning. When you choose Cardinal Heating and Air, our team will show up uniformed and ready to provide contactless service to ensure customer safety. With ongoing training, our experts remain up-to-date with all new trends and technologies regarding plumbing and HVAC services. We pride ourselves on providing our community with safe, reliable, timely services. Once a team member arrives, we perform a complete inspection of your ductwork. Upon service approval, the technician will work safely and promptly to address the issue. Whether you need a simple cleaning, repair or complete replacement, the team at Cardinal will service your needs with professionalism and care. All of our work is money-back guaranteed because we are confident in our ability to provide excellent customer service and outstanding repairs.
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Common Problems with Air Ducts

The most common issues we see with duct systems include:
  • square box Leaky Ducts: It’s not uncommon for small cracks to develop in air ducts. These breaks can cause air to leak and draw in a stale attic or crawlspace air, circulating it into the living space. A simple repair can resolve a musty smell or potential air quality issues.
  • square box Uninsulated or Poorly Insulated Ducts: With no/poor duct insulation, air can lose heat quickly as it passes through cold attic duct lines. Uninsulated ductwork can heat chilled air quickly before it reaches your living space.
  • square box Imbalanced Ductwork: Poorly installed, improperly located, or misshapen ducts can affect air distribution. The result can be low-temperature regulation, in which some rooms are too hot, and others are too cold.
  • square box Safety: Air duct leakage can cause a pressure imbalance, pushing air from furnaces, gas ranges, wood stoves, and other combustion appliances back into your home. It can result in carbon monoxide exposure and generally poor indoor air quality.

Schedule Air Duct Sealing in Northern Virginia

Now is the time to clean the air in your home. Contact Cardinal Plumbing, Heating & Air for complete duct sealing services in Northern Virginia. Contact us today to schedule an in-home assessment and get an accurate, honest estimate of our services. Call today or fill out our contact form to schedule air duct sealing services in Northern Virginia.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Duct Sealing in Virginia

Can You Seal Ductwork From Inside?

People often look for DIY solutions for expensive problems. Unfortunately, duct sealing isn’t something you should attempt on your own. Although you can find mastic sealant at most hardware stores, you shouldn’t try to use the sealant to seal the ducts from inside. In the process of attempting to seal the ducts, you could cause harm to the ducts or the system in general.

How Do I Know If My Air Ducts Are Leaking?

First, you might notice high energy bills. If you have a sudden spike in your electricity use and have no explanation for it, you should think about speaking with an HVAC technician. Air could be leaking out of your HVAC system, which makes it work even harder to keep your home comfortable.

How Do You Check For Leaky Ducts?

On your own, there is a way for you to check for leaky ducts. You can take your hand and place it up to the seams in your ductwork. If you feel air coming out, you have a leak. But this isn’t the best way to check for leaks because you could end up missing a few leaks. The only truly effective way to check for duct leaks is to call a professional.