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Clogged toilets can be incredibly frustrating and embarrassing depending on the details of the situation. As you watch the water slowly rise in the bowl, hoping that it won’t get to the top but somehow knowing it will, you’d rather be just about anyplace else in the world. Having access to a quality Sterling or Alexandria, VA, plumber that can come in and take control of the situation makes all the difference.

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Are Clogged Toilets Inevitable?

Since clogged toilets seem to happen to all of us at some point, it’s easy to think that clogs and backups are going to happen no matter what we do. However, this isn’t really the case because most of the time a toilet clog is caused by the people inside the house. It may be a matter of too much paper, flushing cooking grease for months or years, or small children flushing toys and other objects. The key is to try and modify flushing behavior and to teach family members to do the same.

Signs Your Toilet is Going to Clog

Sometimes, you can head off a toilet clog before it happens if you look for signs it’s about to happen. Some of the common signs include a slow, sluggish toilet, odd sounds coming from the plumbing underneath the toilet, or unpleasant odors that resemble sewage. If you’re lucky, and you act on these things, you’ll be able to prevent the clog before it happens and avoid a potentially embarrassing situation.

If the Plunger Doesn’t Work…

It’s usually a good idea to give your plumber a heads-up when you’ve tried the plunger and it didn’t have any effect. For minor clogs, plungers tend to work well if you have created the proper seal, but if nothing is happening, the toilet may need a more serious treatment. When your Sterling, VA plumber comes in, he may use the standard plumbing auger to get the drain cleared, or if that doesn’t work, a high pressure solution such as hydrojetting might be required. Just remember to take action in the early stages, so you won’t have to get to the latter stages when the problem has become serious.

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