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Same-Day HVAC Repair Services for Homes & Businesses Throughout Northern Virginia

Cardinal Plumbing Heating & Air Inc. offers fast, often same-day HVAC repair services for residential and commercial buildings, seven days a week. It’s important to address HVAC issues as quickly as possible to avoid poor air quality, uncomfortable temperatures, and rising energy bills. Fortunately, because we’re a local company with locations in Sterling, Alexandria, and Gainesville, we can arrive at your Northern Virginia home or business in a timely manner to provide the fix your HVAC unit needs to keep your family, customers, and employees comfortable.
Professional HVAC Repair Technicians
The team at Cardinal Plumbing Heating & Air Inc. is second to none. Our HVAC technicians are highly experienced and qualified to service HVAC units from any manufacturer. They also:
square boxWork under the guidance of master HVAC technicians
square boxAre company-employed and -trained, never subcontracted
square boxReceive ongoing training to ensure they remain up-to-date on best repair practices
square boxAre thoroughly background checked prior to joining our team
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When you call us for heating and air conditioning repair services, we’ll send our technician’s picture and bio to you as well as a tracking link through which you can follow their vehicle as it travels to your home or business. Upon arrival, our technician will inspect your unit, identify the problem, and provide an estimate for the necessary repairs. If the system is too far gone and a replacement is in order, we’d be happy to discuss your options about installing a new HVAC system. We believe you deserve only the best for your nest, which is why we offer a money-back guarantee on all of our services.

Professional HVAC Repair in Northern VA

At Cardinal Plumbing, Heating, and Air, we can make same-day repairs for most routine projects. We serve Northern Virginia’s main counties including Arlington, Stafford, Loudoun, and Prince William. Get your heating and air conditioning serviced in:
  • square box Sterling
  • square box Alexandria
  • square box Gainesville
  • square box Fairfax
  • square box Manassas
  • square box Falls Church
  • square box And more
If you don’t see your city on this list, contact us today to see if you’re in our service area. We happily provide repairs and estimates to surrounding locations.

HVAC Repair

While we love a good DIY project, heating and cooling repair isn’t one of those. The HVAC system (or heat pump) that regulates temperature in your home is a delicate one. It integrates with your electrical system and has both mechanical and chemical components. Even if you are mechanically inclined, hiring a pro to do heating and cooling repair is the right call.

At Cardinal, we are proud to be the go-to HVAC repair company for homes throughout Northern Virginia. We realize that this is immensely important for homeowners, as keeping your family cool or warm is a priority. Our support of homeowners includes emergency HVAC repair and scheduled HVAC repair. With our team of highly qualified, skilled and experienced HVAC technicians, you can be sure that we will get the job done the right way.

In addition to resolving immediate issues, you should know that we are teams of problem solvers. We don’t want to just take care of the symptom: we want to find the root cause. To that end, our HVAC techs will perform a thorough assessment of the HVAC problem you are having and recommend a thorough repair. With us, you will always get the best insight and superior service.

Timely, professional HVAC repairs will ensure that issues are taken care of before they escalate. If you hear, see or smell a problem with your heating or cooling system, call us right away. You may also know a slow uptick in your monthly utilities bills. Often, this is the result of a small but growing issue with one of your home systems. If your HVAC units are the problem, we can not only get to the bottom of it but recommend regular steps you can take to make your system more efficient. Realize you need to upgrade to an energy efficient system? We can do that too!

Biggest Signs You Need an HVAC Repair

No matter what season it is, there are several obvious warning signs that appear when your HVAC system is in need of a tune-up. Even if no immediate issues are persisting, the best way to maintain the lifespan of your unit is to get repairs routinely.

Don’t neglect even the smallest malfunction of your AC or furnace. Here are the top five signs you’re due for a repair by a trusted professional. 

Your Air Conditioning Unit is Weathered or Aging

If your home is older, it might be running off of an aged HVAC unit. Not only do utilities older than 10 years old begin to break down frequently, but they also take a hit to your energy bill.

If you want a more effective, affordable, and energy-efficient heating or cooling experience, you’ll want to stay on top of consistent repairs. For best results, we recommend upgrading to a new unit at least every 10 years to preserve energy.

Low Indoor Air Quality

Is your building getting dustier more often than usual? Have you noticed frequent sneezing, coughing, or scratchy throats for no apparent health reason? There might be unhealthy particles built up inside your ventilation system.

If there’s poor air quality in your home or office, get the air pumps and vents serviced right away. Breathing clean air saves your health, provides more comfort, and saves you money on future repairs. You don’t want to breathe any mold, dust, or mildew that gets trapped in air vents.

Strange Sounds or Smells from Your Heating or AC System

We receive frequent calls asking us to diagnose specific sounds and smells coming from someone’s heating, cooling, or air purification systems. The smell of sulfur or rotten eggs can be a sign of dangerous gas leaks. Whirling or abnormal buzzing sounds can indicate loose valves, cracked drip pans, or broken coils.

Although we can easily guess the root cause over the phone, visiting the site in person is the most promising way to identify any issues. We can repair the problem usually that same day, so you can have your HVAC running smoothly again, without any startling smells or inconvenient noises.

Insufficient Indoor Temperatures

Comfort and safety are top priorities for all Virginia customers. In the winter, you want your living space to be thoroughly heated and dry. During the hot summer months, you want instant cooling service for home comfort. If the temperature throughout your building is uneven, there’s something wrong with the temperature delivery in your HVAC system. Sometimes an emergency repair is necessary to fix inadequate heating or cooling.

Thermostat Control Issues

The thermostat is the control device for your entire home temperature system. If the controls on the thermostat are not responding or working properly, there’s likely electrical issues a technician needs to address.

Many individuals try solving their thermostat problems themselves without clearly understanding the problem or how to properly fix it. Getting your thermostat serviced by a nearby professional HVAC contractor can save you the technical headache and potential damage of trying to resolve something on your own.

Average Cost of Heating, Air Conditioning, and Thermostat Repairs

Repair costs vary depending on location, the scope of the project, and the time of year. When you need to hire a professional to repair your HVAC unit, we recommend calling a company that truly cares about both your budget and your comfort.

At Cardinal, we understand cost is important. This is why we offer:
  • square box Clear repair expectations from start to finish.
  • square box Trustworthy service from our expert-trained technicians.
  • square box Quick repairs and replacements, done correctly the first time.
  • square box Free estimates.
  • square box Customer communication and top-notch customer service.
  • square box Affordable maintenance membership plans.
  • square box Satisfaction guaranteed.

Now Offering Free Estimates

If you’re looking for quality HVAC service you can trust, reach out to Cardinal Plumbing, Heating, and Air today. Call for a free estimate and same-day service. Be sure to visit our website for our current offers you won’t want to miss.
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