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If your home was built in an area that has poor natural drainage, you may need a sump pump to help keep your basement dry during heavy rainfalls. When a sump pump is in place, the water is pumped away before it has a chance to cause property damage. There is a pit in the basement, and when the water reaches a predetermined level, the pump switches on and the water is pumped away.

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Which Type Do You Need?

There are two basic types of sump pump to choose from: a submersible pump and a pedestal pump. Submersible pumps are placed under the water inside the sump pit or basin and pedestal pumps have the pump motor outside the water. Pedestal pumps are good if you have a smaller pit or basin, but many homeowners prefer the submersible type. To figure out which type will work best for your home, talk it over with your plumber to get all the facts and details.

Keeping It Properly Maintained

Just like any plumbing appliance or piece of equipment, regular maintenance will keep your sump pump running smoothly when you need it. If your pump happens to break down and you get a big rainstorm that day, you may be faced with water damage that could have been avoided if the pump was properly maintained. A broken pump may also result in damage to your foundation from hydrostatic pressure that can build behind the walls. Regular maintenance will keep your pump clean and fix any minor issues before they have a chance to get worse.

Call Quickly For Service

The key to keeping your sump pump working and your basement dry is to act quickly when problems start. Putting it off until later will only end up with water in your basement and a hefty cleanup bill. As soon as you see signs of trouble, call your plumber and explain what is happening. You may get some tips on how to get the pump running again, but at the very least the experts will know what’s going on and the process will be underway.

If your sump pump isn’t working the way it should, or you need a new one installed in your home, call Cardinal Plumbing, Heating & Air Inc. at (703) 541-8489 in the Sterling and Alexandria, VA, areas. We can schedule an appointment for one of our experts to visit and find the ideal solution to your problem.

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