Massaging Toilet Seat

Some dread using the toilet because of the fact that the seat is very hard and can be uncomfortable to sit on, especially if the person is going to be sitting for an extended period of time. Although cushioned toilet seats can be comfortable, even those can start to feel hard and have pressure points after a while. The massaging toilet seat is great for any Sterling who wants to be able to enjoy the time when they are using the toilet, and it’s also a great weapon against the pain from hemorrhoids as well as other lower body pains.

Latest Toilet Technologies


There are now toilets that have lights, whether they are on the toilet or inside the bowl in order to allow the person to see the toilet when it gets dark. Some of the toilets have lights that are automatically turned on once the room gets dark. Other toilets may have lights that surround the toilet but still illuminate the toilet for a person to see it in the dark.


When many think of listening to music while going to the bathroom, they picture themselves in an airport setting or maybe in a business that has music playing overhead. The same concept is used in certain toilets that have music, and the music is brought via a noisemaker, which can play white noise, or any type of music can be played. Once the toilet is being used or a button is pressed, then the music will begin to play, which can be soothing to the person using the bathroom as well as covering up toilet sounds that are uncomfortable to the ears.


A smelly toilet will need deodorizing, and a toilet that self-deodorizes can keep the bowl smelling clean, and in turn, the room can smell cleaner. A self-deodorizing toilet will spray a light mist of deodorizer into the toilet, and it’s also possible that a button can be pushed to spray a strong mist of deodorizer. Once the toilet has been deodorized, then the bad smells will quickly dissipate.

Button For Self-Cleaning

There’s a button that can be pushed on a toilet for self-cleaning, and the button may have several locations, even on a remote control. Imagine the convenience of that in your Sterling home! If a toilet has to have a button for self-cleaning, that means it’s unlikely to clean itself unless the button is pressed. Get a great new toilet by calling Cardinal Plumbing, Heating & Air Inc. at 703-721-8888, in Sterling, VA.