What Are The Three Main Water Heater Regulations and What Are Their Importance?

Water heaters are an important appliance in most Sterling homes. They come in a variety of sizes and use gas, electricity or oil to heat potable water for uses such as washing clothes, washing dishes or bathing. The nature of the appliance brings potential dangers to a home, so staying up to date on the latest regulations is essential to your safety. Water heaters are instant that heat water on demand or storage type units that store heated water they store water in an insulated tank

Water Heaters Regulations

ENERGY FACTOR: Federal regulation requires water heaters to be more energy efficient. Water heaters that hold more than 55 gallons have more efficiency gains. These heaters will have to adopt new technologies to achieve this, the technologies include, gas condensing technology and electric heat pump. Condensing water heaters are made to reclaim heat that escapes by cooling exhaust gases to fewer than 60 degrees Celsius and water vapor in the exhaust condenses to water. The heat from the surrounding air is transferred to the water by heat pump water heaters. TEST PROCEDURES: Manufacturers must follow procedures specified by the department of energy. Test procedures are defined in here and can also be found in Electronic Code Federal Regulations.

Waivers Exemptions And Exceptions

No exception has been authorized by DOE hearing and appeals office for water heaters. No test procedure waiver has been issued for water heaters. No state has been exempted from standard energy conservation by the DOE. However, States can petition DOE to exempt a state from pre-emption by the federal energy conservation standard.

Importance Of The Regulations

COST EFFECTIVE: The water heaters that can hold water up to 55 gallons and above are expensive to install, but they will, in the long run, save the consumer a lot of money. They, therefore, meant to see a reduction in energy consumption. CARBON EMISSION: Water heater regulations are important because they are focussing on reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted to the environment. Reduction in carbon dioxide emissions will help in the reduction of global warming. This will be beneficial to everyone. EMBRACING NEW TECHNOLOGY: Regulations ensure that water heaters embrace new technologies, this makes them easy to operate and very essential to your Sterling home. They also are made in a way that they reduce wastage by reusing their emissions. Any holdups regarding your Sterling, VA water heater? Call Cardinal Plumbing, Heating & Air Inc. at 703-721-8888 today for any of your repair or maintenance requests.