When people find the water of their Sterling home to be discolored, the natural reaction is to panic. Thinking that the problem may be the result of a chemical spill or other natural disaster, they often think they won’t be able to use their water for days or weeks. However, that is rarely the case. Most of the time, discolored water can be easily explained and repairs made to solve the problem. To make sure you don’t feel the need to panic if your water turns a strange color, here are some reasons for the color changes and what types of repairs will be necessary.

changing water color Pink Water

Yes, water can actually turn pink in some instances. When it does, it usually means the water has a high concentration of minerals such as iron or magnesium. A very common problem for people who rely on wells for their water, this problem can be rectified rather easily. A Sterling plumber can test the water to see what minerals are most prevalent, and then add water softeners as well as other chemicals to even out the amounts of minerals. If this doesn’t solve the problem, water filters can be added to faucets as extra protection.

Bluish-Green Water

When water in a home starts turning shades of bluish-green, it can spell trouble. This color usually indicates metals such as copper or brass are contaminating the water by seeping from plumbing fittings, which can essentially poison the water and leave it useless until repairs are made. Only a licensed plumber with experience in this area should make these repairs, since it does present a health hazard to all who rely on that water. Once repairs are made, the water should be tested to make sure all traces of these metals have disappeared.

Reddish-Brown Water

If your water starts to take on a reddish-brown color, you’ve probably got hard water that can be difficult to get rid of despite your best efforts. This color can produce water that stains almost anything it touches, especially the sinks and tubs where it runs over and over again. The stains, because they are so hard to get rid of, make this problem one that most people want to see go away quickly. In these cases, plumbers usually add strong chemicals to the water to break up the iron content, then install filters on faucets in an attempt to keep the excessive iron levels away. If your water is discolored in your Sterling, VA home, call Cardinal Plumbing, Heating & Air Inc. at 703-721-8888 today, and we’ll solve the problem for you!