Don’t Underestimate the Power of an Inspection

Before you buy clothing to put on your body, you’ll examine the clothes, try them on and make sure they fit. If you’re purchasing a car, you’ll test drive it, check under the hood, and maybe you’ll even hire a mechanic to examine the car as well. Buying a home is no different, especially since a home has inspectors that have to come out to examine the home when it’s going to be sold to another party. Besides having the home inspected for sound construction, you’ll want to make sure that the home is also inspected as well for sound plumbing because you don’t want plumbing problems later. Most people underestimate a plumbing inspection as something that is not required, but the problems that may be discovered after you move into the home would easily make the inspection worth the cost. Plumbing inspections should be required but unfortunately, they aren’t. However, insist on getting a plumbing inspection if you want your new home to be ready for use, especially if you want the plumbing to be working properly.

The Negative Repercussions of Not Getting an Inspection

Yes, there can be negative consequences if you choose not to get a plumbing inspection, and here are problems that you may face:
  • Plumbing problems will be discovered too late.
  • You’ll only know about the plumbing that you can see.
  • Plumbing outside of the home may have problems that you’re unaware of.
  • The plumbing problems that are later discovered may be very costly.
  • You may repeatedly have plumbers come to the home.
  • You might lose a lot of time dealing with plumbing issues.
Late Discovery- It’s bad enough to move into your home to discover later on that there are plumbing problems, but it’s even worse to find these problems so late that they become a massive liability and may even cost more than they would have if they had been discovered before you moved in. Plumbing problems tend to only get worse, especially if they lay undiscovered for an extended period of time, so finding these problems ahead of time is always the best. Unknown Plumbing Problems- You may have done some inspection on the plumbing in the home yourself, but only the plumbing that is visible to the naked eye is what you will be checking. What about the main sewer line? Did you think about the pipes that are buried under the ground? Are there any pipes near a tree that may later be affected by the roots of the tree? A plumbing inspection can detect everything within a home whereas you can only judge what you can see and may not know about the other problems that lie in wait. Outside Plumbing Problems- Many plumbing problems lie outside of the home because the piping system doesn’t only stay within the home. Those who have an irrigation system or sprinkler system may have plumbing problems with the system, and the pipes outdoors may also contain numerous problems that only a plumbing inspector can find. Costly Problems- If you didn’t know that you needed a septic tank replacement, then you’re in for a very costly problem once you purchase the home. Septic tanks normally have to be placed underground, which means renting a backhoe, unearthing the ground, hiring someone to do the work, paying for the septic tank, burying the tank, connecting it to the plumbing, and covering it up again. Expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars for such a project, a cost you could have avoided had you simply chosen to get a plumbing inspection. Repeated Plumber Visits- With unknown plumbing problems in the home after you move in, you may have to call one plumber out after another because you may have several problems that occur over time, which all would have been addressed immediately before purchasing the home if you hired an inspector. Lost Time- No one likes to waste time, especially when they’re busy throughout the day. Dealing with a lot of plumbing issues in your new home can cost you a lot of time, which means you may even have to miss work or time with family and friends trying to deal with these issues.

Is Discolored Water an Issue?

A plumbing inspector will want to search for discolored water, which is a problem in a lot of homes but typically can be solved. Discolored water has many sources, but one of the most common reasons is because of a bad water heater that has become rusted, or a leak or crack in the pipeline somewhere that’s underground. Your inspecting plumber should be able to discover the reasons for the discolored water and will address it with the best solution on how to fix it.

Are the Toilets Fully Functional?

The toilets in any home should function right, do a check to see if they function is a must as well as making certain that they are not leaking anywhere. If a toilet has a leak, then it may be necessary to replace the toilet, and if mold is a problem at the base of the toilet, then additional steps need to be taken to fix that problem as well.

Does the Water Heater Work Correctly?

The water heater has to be on and functioning to allow hot water to be supplied to the home. The plumber will do an inspection of the entire water heater to make sure it isn’t leaking as well as to ensure that rust isn’t a problem with the heater. The heater should be thoroughly tested, and it should be determined if the heater can withstand usage in the home for several more years, especially if the heater has already had excessive use. Don’t forget to get your plumbing inspection for your new house. Call Cardinal Plumbing, Heating & Air Inc. in Sterling, VA when you’re ready by contacting 703-721-8888.