Winterizing Your Plumbing System 101

Oct 09, 2015

Best Tips for Winter Plumbing Protection

Your Sterling, VA home is your most valuable possession. You should protect
it at all costs, and there’s no doubt that you will go to great lengths
to do that. It is easy to forget, sometimes, that our plumbing system is an important part of our home that also needs to be protected, especially
when the cold weather rolls around.

Plumbing pipes such as frozen or busted pipes can cause a great deal of
damage to your home, and cost a small fortune to repair. With the following
5 tips, it is easy to keep your plumbing in the best of condition all
year long.

Inspections and Covering

It is imperative that a plumbing company come to your home at least once
per year to check the system inside of your home. Plumbing professionals
can take a look at your plumbing system, detecting any potential issues
before they become a big problem. They can also provide additional winter
weatherization tips and services to keep you protected.

Now is the time to look for any cracks in your windows or other passageways
where air may seep into your home, cause problems with the plumbing system,
etc. Repairing such issues now will keep your energy and water costs low
while also preventing damage. Weather stripping is available, and caulking
is always an easy option that works.

Insulation is the Right Choice

There are many different draft stoppers out there, and they’re all
quite affordable. Consider using one, and you’ll enjoy lower energy
costs and a more comfortable home.

Your pipes need protection during the winter. You wrap up with a scarf
and a jacket to keep warm, so why not keep your pipes warm with insulation?
Any plumber can install insulation and help prevent pipe damage and frozen pipes.

Purchase a Water Heater Blanket to Protect your Appliance

Don’t forget to protect your hot water heater during the winter! A
hot water blanket is available for purchase at a reasonable cost, and
gives your hot water heater an added layer of protection. Consider purchasing
one for your home and give yourself that peace of mind and comfort that
s needed when it is cold outside.

Winter is nearly here! To get the best advice on winterizing your Sterling,
VA home, call Cardinal Plumbing, Heating & Air Inc. at (703) 541-8489 today.


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